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FILED <br /> LEE COUNTY NC <br /> PAMELA G. BRITT <br /> REGISTER OF DEEDS <br /> FILED Jan 06, 2023 <br /> AT 02:23:50 pm <br /> BOOK 00003 <br /> START PAGE 0887 <br /> END PAGE 0888 <br /> INSTRUMENT # 00088 <br /> EXCISE TAX (None) <br /> r <br /> RESOLUTION ESTABLISHING A YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE AT <br /> LEE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS AND ADVISORY BOARD MEETINGS <br /> WHEREAS, it is the express intent of the Board of Commissioners to engage representatives of the local <br /> youth population in relevant issues related to County government by providing opportunities to impart <br /> information and solicit a youth perspective on select issues that may impact community youth; and <br /> WHEREAS, each youth representative will attend their designated Board of Commissioners, Lee County <br /> Parks and Recreation Commission, or Lee County Library Board of Trustees meetings to represent their <br /> respective youth organization to learn about current events and projects occurring in Lee County <br /> Government and to provide professional, unbiased feedback on behalf of their respective youth <br /> member organizations; and <br /> WHEREAS, interested individuals will be required to meet certain criteria to be eligible to serve as a <br /> youth representative; and <br /> WHEREAS,the Lee County Cooperative Extension Director or their designee will provide oversight of the <br /> youth representative qualification and participation process to ensure the facilitation and engagement; <br /> and <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Lee County Board of Commissioners that: <br /> Section 1: The role of the youth representative at Board of Commissioners and Advisory Board <br /> Meetings: <br /> A. The youth representative will be recognized by the Chair person of the associated board at the <br /> beginning of each meeting <br /> B. The youth may be called upon by any member of the respective boards to provide input on <br /> youth-related matters <br /> C. The youth representative will provide an update on what projects their Council/Club have been <br /> working on at the conclusion of the Board of Commissioners meetings prior to adjournment <br /> Section 2: The requirements for eligibility to serve as a youth representative to the Lee County Board of <br /> Commissioners include: <br /> A. Serving as an active member of the Lee County Youth Council for at least six months, OR <br /> B. Having completed the Lee County Young Commissioner 4-H Club 2-week summer leadership <br /> program and have been an active member of the Lee County Young Commissioners 4-H Club for <br /> the last three months <br /> C. Submitting an application to serve as a youth representative to the Clerk to the Board of <br /> Commissioners (via the County's Boards and Commissions Application), which will be reviewed <br />