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FILED <br /> LEE COUNTY NC <br /> PAMELA G. BRITT <br /> REGISTER OF DEEDS <br /> FILED Jan 06, 2023 <br /> AT 02:18:59 pm <br /> BOOK 00003 <br /> START PAGE 0881 <br /> END PAGE 0881 <br /> INSTRUMENT # 00084 <br /> EXCISE TAX (None) <br /> (Si I.If <br /> vp <br /> ow <br /> A <br /> RESOLUTION IN RECOGNITION OF DONALD ANDREWS AND HIS YEARS OF <br /> SERVICE ON THE LEE COUNTY FIRE ADVISORY BOARD <br /> WHEREAS, Donald Andrews began his service to the Lee County Fire Advisory Board at its <br /> establishment in March of 2006 as the Business/Industry appointee and was reappointed four <br /> times; and <br /> WHEREAS, during his service on the board, Donald Andrews served in a leadership role as <br /> chairman; and <br /> WHEREAS, Donald Andrews has provided dedicated and outstanding leadership to the Fire <br /> Advisory Board throughout his 16 years of service; and <br /> WHEREAS,the mission of the Fire Advisory Board shall be to make formal recommendations to <br /> the Lee County Board of Commissioners on Fire Protection and Emergency Services Delivery; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS, Donald Andrews also served as a responder for several other Emergency Services <br /> Organizations, including the Lee Ambulance Service from 1984-1988, Whiteville Rescue Unit <br /> from 1990-1996, Boone Trail Emergency Services from 1998-2003 and at Cape Fear since 2003 <br /> where he currently holds the rank of Captain and Treasurer; and <br /> WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Lee County Board of Commissioners to recognize the hard <br /> work and dedication to an organization that provides outstanding support and guidance to the fire <br /> departments of Lee County; and <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Lee County Board of Commissioners that it <br /> recognizes and honors the 16 years of commitment that Donald Andrews has invested in furthering <br /> the mission and purpose of the Lee County Fire Advisory Board and wishes him continued success <br /> in all his future endeavors. <br /> Presented this 12`h day of September, 2022. <br /> Dirk IDS. Smith, Chair <br /> County Board of Commissioners <br /> GOITIV�.� <br /> ATTEST: ' <br /> Hailey Hall, Clerk the Board <br /> x.. i <br />