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FILED <br /> LEE COUNTY NC <br /> PAMELA G. BRITT <br /> REGISTER OF DEEDS <br /> FILED Dec 21, 2022 <br /> AT 08:54:54 am <br /> BOOK 01714 <br /> START PAGE 0324 <br /> END PAGE 0324 <br /> INSTRUMENT # 09198 <br /> EXCISE TAX (None) <br /> APPOINTING RESOLUTION DESIGNATING PLAT REVIEW OFFICERS TO <br /> REVIEW AND CERTIFY MAPS AND PLATS FOR <br /> LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br /> WHEREAS N.C. General Statute 47-30.2 requires that the Lee County Board of Commissioners <br /> designate by name one or more persons experienced in mapping or land records management <br /> as Plat Review Officers to review and certify maps and plats as required before being presented <br /> to recording in the office of the Register of Deeds; and <br /> WHEREAS a resolution Designating Plat Review Officers as required by said General Statute was <br /> adopted by the Lee County Board of Commissioners on May 19, 2008, and recorded in the office <br /> of the Register of Deeds in Deed Book 01143, Page 0515; and <br /> WHEREAS additional staff members of the Lee County Strategic Services Department have gained <br /> certification as Plat Review Officers on October 7, 2022; and <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Lee County Board of Commissioners, that the <br /> following persons are now hereby designated by name as Plat Review Officers for Lee County, <br /> North Carolina, in accordance with the provisions of N.C. General Statute 47-30.2; <br /> Jeannatte Bowmer <br /> William Cannady <br /> P. Gene Hathaway <br /> Renee Scott <br /> Angela Wood <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution, once adopted, shall be recorded in the office of <br /> the Register of Deeds of Lee County, North Carolina, and indexed on the grantor index in the <br /> name of each Plat Review Officer, and that no map or plat, required to be submitted for review, <br /> shall be recorded in said office of the Register of Deeds without an affixed certification of a <br /> designated Plat Review Officer as identified above pursuant to the provisions of said General <br /> Statutes. Once adopted, this resolution revokes all previously approved Plat Review Officers <br /> who are not listed in this resolution. <br /> Adopted this 141h day of November, 2022. <br /> D. Smith, Chair <br /> Lry Board of Commissioners <br /> ATTEST: <br /> Hailey Hall Clerk to he Board <br /> 4' <br /> CAS0 <br />