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FILED <br /> LEE COUNTY NC <br /> PAMELA G. BRITT <br /> REGISTER OF DEEDS <br /> FILED Sep 22, 2022 <br /> AT 02:20:32 pm <br /> BOOK 00003 <br /> START PAGE 0879 <br /> END PAGE 0879 <br /> INSTRUMENT # 07250 <br /> EXCISE TAX (None) <br /> � w <br /> RESOLUTION IN SUPPORTING OPERATION GREEN LIGHT FOR ACTIVE MILITARY <br /> SERVICE MEMBERS IN TRANSITION TO CIVILIAN LIFE(VETERAN STATUS) <br /> WHEREAS, the citizens of Lee County have great respect, admiration, and the utmost gratitude for all of <br /> the men and women who have selflessly served their country and this county in the Armed Forces;and <br /> WHEREAS,the contribution and sacrifices of the men and women that served in the Armed Forces have <br /> been vital in maintaining the freedoms and way of life enjoyed by our citizens; and <br /> WHEREAS, Lee County seeks to honor these individuals who have paid the high price for freedom by <br /> placing themselves in harm's way for the good of all,and <br /> WHEREAS, Lee County's Veteran Population today totals 4,352, and <br /> WHEREAS, Veterans continue to serve this county in the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, <br /> Disabled American Veterans, Marine Corps League, schools, church groups, and in civil service; and <br /> WHEREAS, a spouse of a Veteran, as well as three Veterans serve on the Lee County Board of <br /> Commissioners,and a veteran also serves on the Lee County Board of Education, and <br /> WHEREAS, Lee County is the home of the North Carolina Veterans Memorial and soon the North <br /> Carolina Disabled Veterans Memorial; and <br /> WHEREAS, Lee County appreciates all the sacrifices made by our United States Military Personnel while <br /> defending freedom and we believe affording specific recognition to them in demonstrating appreciation of <br /> their service,to honor and support; and <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED,that Lee County hereby declares from November 7 through <br /> November 11,2022,designating as"Green Light for Military Service"a time to salute and honor the service <br /> and sacrifice of our personnel in uniform transitioning from Active Service, therefore <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that in observance of"Operation Green Light," the Lee County Board <br /> of Commissioners encourage its citizens in a patriotic tradition,to recognize the importance of honoring all <br /> those whose immeasurable sacrifices help preserve our freedoms by displaying a green light in their place <br /> of business or residence from November 7 through November l 1,2022. <br /> Presented this 291 day of August,2022. <br /> 4� D. Smith, C h a <br /> /rLee County Board of Commissioners <br /> ATTEST: / AST'08 „ <br /> Halley Hall,Clerk t the Board , 'z <br /> 4� r t <br />