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)4./I/ <br /> RESOLUTION CREATING THE LEE COUNTY YOUTH COUNCIL <br /> WHEREAS, Lee County's population of youth ages 13-17 years of age is approximately 4,000 <br /> individuals; and <br /> WHEREAS, The State Youth Council (SYC), a program of the NC Council for Women& <br /> Youth Involvement Office, is a statewide coordinating agency interested in the development of <br /> youth councils; and <br /> WHEREAS,the SYC works to foster the development of responsible leadership amongst youth <br /> through involvement in community affairs and in decision-making processes at all levels of <br /> government and provide a voice for North Carolina youth; and <br /> WHEREAS, the SYC coordinates local youth councils across the state, assists newly organized <br /> councils, and sponsors a number of activities, including yearly youth leadership conferences <br /> (Service Learning Conference, Mini-Grant Conference, Team building/Leadership Conference) <br /> and a spring convention; and <br /> WHEREAS,the advisory body for SYC, the Youth Advisory Council (YAC), is made up of <br /> high school students and adults appointed by the governor, as well as youth members elected by <br /> the SYC; and <br /> WHEREAS, the State Youth Council (SYC)has provided opportunities for youth to learn <br /> leadership skills through participation in local government matters; as well as providing a more <br /> official platform for young people to become engaged in the health, safety and vibrancy of their <br /> communities as outlined in G.S. 143B-394.27; and <br /> WHEREAS,the following opportunities are available to members of chartered SYC,mini- <br /> grants funding for projects,participate in the legislative and governor page programs, attend <br /> leadership conferences, connect with public and private resources, host leadership conferences, <br /> serve on state boards and commissions,participation in the Lady Cardinal Mentorship Program, <br /> and serve on the Youth Advisory Council (appointed by the governor); and <br /> WHEREAS, Lee County does not have an active county-wide youth council. <br /> NOW THEREFORE,BE IT RESOLVED, that the Lee County Board of Commissioners <br /> directs the adult and student leadership of the Lee County Youth Advisory Board to form a youth <br /> council with two students from each of the public, charter,private high schools, and students <br /> from the home school community within the County of Lee,North Carolina, and <br />