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COUNTY OF LEE, NORTH CAROLINA <br /> CCCC LIBRARY/LEE EARLY COLLEGE CLASSROOM FACILTY RENOVATIONS AND <br /> ADDITION <br /> CAPTIAL PROJECT BUDGET ORDINANCE <br /> BE IT ORDAINED by the Lee County Board of Commissioners that the following budget for the CCCC <br /> LIBRARY/LEE EARLY COLLEGE CLASSROOM FACILTY RENOVATIONS AND ADDITION is <br /> hereby approved and adopted: <br /> Section 1: The following amounts are hereby appropriated for the CCCC Library/Lee Early College <br /> Classroom Facility Renovations and Addition for the period May 1, 2021 to June 30. 2024, according to <br /> the following schedule and summary. <br /> Section 2: That for said project period there is hereby appropriated the following: <br /> REVENUE <br /> SOURCE AMOUNT <br /> Limited Obligation Bonds $ 12,000,000 <br /> TOTAL PROJECT REVENUES S 12,000,000 <br /> EXPENSE <br /> AMOUNT <br /> Issuance Costs $ 180,000 <br /> Architect& Engineering 500,000 <br /> Property Acquisition 7,100,000 <br /> General Construction 1,920,000 <br /> Furnishings 1,500,000 <br /> Contingency 800,000 <br /> TOTAL PROJECT EXPENSES $ 12,000,000 <br /> Section 3. Funds that have been advanced, or may be advanced, from the General Fund for project <br /> cost are intended to be reimbursed from the financing proceeds. <br /> Section 4. Copies of this budget shall be furnished to the Finance Officer of Lee County,North <br /> Carolina,to be kept on file for direction in collection of revenue and expenditures of amounts <br /> appropriated. <br /> Section 5. The adoption of this capital project ordinance is intended as a declaration of this unit's <br /> official intent to reimburse project expenditures from financing proceeds. <br /> ADOPTED this 19th day of April, 2021. <br /> giOr <br /> Kirk D. Smith, Chairman <br /> Attest: // <br /> .A_41111 <br /> /lifer Ga T, Clerk to the Board <br />