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FILED <br />LEE COUNTY NC <br />PAMELA G. BRITT <br />REGISTER OF DEEDS <br />FILED Oct 25, 2019 <br />AT 03:27:44 pm <br />BOOK 00003 <br />START PAGE 0613 <br />END PAGE 0615 <br />INSTRUMENT # 06390 <br />EXCISE TAX (None) <br />ORDINANCE AMENDING ARTICLE II OF THE LEE COUNTY CODE OF ORDINANCES <br />TO ALLOW CONCEAL CARRY ON CERTAIN COUNTY PROPERTIES <br />ARTICLE II. COUNTY PROPERTY <br />Section 2-31. Firearms and deadly weapons prohibited on county property. <br />(a) Authorization to Carry Concealed Firearms on Certain County Property. <br />(1) Except as provided herein and as otherwise prohibited by North Carolina <br />Statute, a person who possesses a valid conceal carry permit is authorized to <br />carry a concealed handgun on County owned property. <br />(2) Excluded properties. Unless otherwise provided by law, no person shall carry <br />a concealed handgun onto the following County owned properties including <br />buildings and appurtenant premises: <br />a. McSwain Center; <br />b. General Services Building; <br />c. County owned public transit vehicles; <br />d. Courthouse and court facilities; <br />e. Any law enforcement agency or correctional facility; <br />f. Any space occupied by State or federal offices; <br />g. Areas of assembly where a fee is charged, places of demonstration, <br />or parades; <br />h. Any space hosting an extracurricular activity sponsored by a school; <br />(2) A person may not arm himself or herself with an unusual or <br />dangerous weapon for the purpose of terrifying others and in a <br />manor to cause terror to the people. This offense is punishable as a <br />Class 1 misdemeanor. <br />(3) Nothing in this section shall prohibit a lawfully authorized person from <br />securing a handgun in a locked vehicle within the trunk, glove box, or other <br />enclosed compartment or area within or on the motor vehicle <br />