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FILED <br /> LEE COUNTY NC <br /> PAMELA G. BRITT <br /> REGISTER OF DEEDS <br /> FILED Jun 21, 2019 <br /> AT 03:29:40 pm <br /> BOOK 00003 <br /> START PAGE 0582 <br /> END PAGE 0593 <br /> INSTRUMENT# 03607 <br /> EXCISE TAX (None) <br /> AN ORDINANCE AMENDING <br /> THE LEE COUNTY UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE <br /> BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners of Lee County, North Carolina that the <br /> Unified Development Ordinance be, and it hereby is, amended as follows: <br /> Section 1. That Article 4 –Zoning District Regulations, Table 4.6-1 Permitted Use Matrix be <br /> amended to remove the current Mining and Quarries land use categories and replace with new <br /> language as follows. New language includes Mining and Quarrying as well as new categories <br /> related to Oil and Gas extraction. <br /> d�r,Uo18 Manutdctunnr Use <br /> a-- - Sanford onl see c e�� 8660- <br /> 84)SPD SID SAD£420.SA)MD s/T4 SAD i SAD SA) <br /> gi66 <br /> f*tfaeti <br /> -- -o ! adway only(see G G•f9• Tr: SA) &D PA) <br /> Town of oad onlg G c w.• 8168 g g.. &/D P,/D <br /> VrD V7'f12'Tfl <br /> Mining and Quarrying gm. Permitted only within the Mining Special Use Overlay District,see Sect. <br /> 8500 4.16 of this Ordinance <br /> Oil and Gas Exploration,Development and <br /> Production 8100 S S S <br /> Gas Compressor Station <br /> 8100 S S S <br /> Section 2. That Article 4 –Zoning District Regulations be amended to include a new section <br /> 4.16 Mining Special Use Overlay District(MSUOD) as follows: <br /> 4. 16 MINING SPECIAL USE OVERLAY DISTRICT (MSUOD). <br /> 4.16.1 PURPOSE <br /> Mining and quarrying are industries which may play an important part in the county's <br /> economy. Mining and quarrying are peculiar land uses in that the location of mineral, stone <br /> and other deposits will, in part, be determined only after exploration and discovery in the <br /> future. Consequently, the precise location of zoning districts wherein mining may take place <br /> cannot always be predetermined. In addition, mineral extraction involves several methods— <br /> quarrying, open-pit, drilling, tunneling, etc.—each of which would affect the surrounding <br /> environment differently. Therefore, the governing board of Lee County concludes that the <br />