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FILED <br />LEE COUNTY NC <br />PAMELA G. BRITT <br />REGISTER OF DEEDS <br />FILED Jun 07, 2018 <br />AT 03:36:42 pm <br />BOOK 00003 <br />START PAGE 0376 <br />END PAGE 0376 <br />INSTRUMENT # 03233 <br />EXCISE TAX (None) <br />COUNTY OF LEE, NORTH CAROLINA <br />COURTHOUSE COMPLEX RENOVATIONS <br />CAPTIAL PROJECT BUDGET ORDINANCE <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Lee County Board of Commissioners that the following budget for the <br />COURTHOUSE COMPLEX RENOVATIONS is hereby approved and adopted: <br />Section 1: The following amounts are hereby appropriated for Courthouse Complex <br />Renovations for the period May 21, 2018 to December 31, 2019, according to the following <br />schedule and summary. <br />Section 2: That for said project period there is hereby appropriated the following: <br />REVENUE <br />SOURCE AMOUNT <br />Limited Obligation Bonds $ 3,000,000 <br />TOTAL PROJECT REVENUES $ 3,000,000 <br />EXPENSE <br />SOURCE AMOUNT <br />Land Acquisition $ 240,000 <br />General Construction 2,550,000 <br />Furnishings 60,000 <br />Contingency 150,000 <br />TOTAL PROJECT EXPENSES $ 3,000,000 <br />Section 3. Funds that have been advanced, or may be advanced, from the General Fund for <br />project cost are intended to be reimbursed from the financing proceeds. <br />Section 4. Copies of this budget shall be furnished to the Finance Officer of Lee County, <br />North Carolina, to be kept on file for direction in collection of revenue and expenditures of <br />amounts appropriated. <br />Section 5. The adoption of this capital project ordinance is intended as a declaration of this <br />unit's official intent to reimburse project expenditures from financing proceeds. <br />ADOPTED this 21 st day of May, 2018. <br />,Amy . Dalrymple, air <br />Attest: r <br />r * C <br />