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® 134 <br />eo'fjr, 16 54"r <br />MINUTES OF THE MEETING <br />OF THE <br />LEE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />IN ITS CAPACITY AS THE GOVERNING BODY <br />OF <br />LEE COUNTY WATER AND SEWER DISTRICT NO. 1 <br />AUGUST 19, 1996 <br />A meeting of the governing body of the Lee County Water and Sewer District No. <br />1 was held in the Commissioners' Room, Lee County Government Center, 106 Hillcrest <br />Drive, Sanford, North Carolina, immediately following the regular meeting of the Lee <br />County Board of Commissioners held on said date. Commissioners' present were Jimmie <br />M. Cox; John R. Dossenbach, Jr.; F. Hubert Garner; Bertha L. Matthews; J. Douglas <br />Moretz and Robert T. Reives. Commissioner Van R. Groce was absent. <br />Chairman Garner presided and Mrs. Gaynell M. Beal, Clerk to the Board of <br />Commissioners, acted as Secretary of the meeting. <br />The Board considered the draft of the minutes of the July 22, 1996, Lee County <br />Water and Sewer District No. 1 meeting. Commissioner Moretz moved to approve the <br />minutes as the official record of said meeting. Commissioner Cox seconded the motion, <br />and upon a vote, the results were as follows: <br />Aye: Cox, Dossenbach, Garner, Matthews, Moretz and Reives <br />Nay: None <br />The Chairman ruled the motion had been adopted unanimously. <br />The Board considered a water purchase contract and system review and purchase <br />agreement with the City of Sanford, along with a resolution approving proposed contracts <br />with the City of Sanford. Commissioner Dossenbach moved to approve the following <br />resolutions: <br />1 <br />