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weitd <br /> • <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING <br /> OF <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> / OF <br /> (/ • FEBRUARY 1, 1960 <br /> . The Board of Commissioners of Lee County met in regular monthly <br /> session in the commissioners' room at the courthouse on Monday, February <br /> 1, 1960, at 10:00 A. M. , with the following members of the Board present <br /> for dispatch of business: <br /> • <br /> Commissioners Sion H. Kelly, Clyde J. Atkins, Ralph Groce, <br /> Evander Winstead.and Percy Measamer. <br /> • <br /> Commissioner Sion H. Kelly, Chairman of the Board, presided and <br /> the following business was transacted. <br /> _ The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. J. F. Minnis, Pastor <br /> of Trinity Methodist Church. <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of January 4, 1960, were read <br /> and approved. • <br /> Commissioner Winstead moved that the following resolution be <br /> adopted: <br /> WHEREAS, the Local Government Commission of North Carolina <br /> • has informed the Board of Commissioners that it has sold, in the manner <br /> prescribed by law, the $51, 000 School Bonds of the County of Lee, dated <br /> February 1, 1960, authorized to be issued by a bond order adopted by the <br /> Board of Commissioners on the 2nd day of November, 1959, and that <br /> the contract of sale contemplates that said bonds shall bear interest as <br /> hereinafter provided; NOW, THEREFORE, <br /> BE IT RESOLVED that said bonds shall bear interest as follows: <br /> (1) the bonds payable in the years 1961 and 1962, 4 1/2% per annum and <br /> (2) the bonds payable in each of the years 1963 to 1970, inclusive, 3 1/2% <br /> per annum. <br /> Commissioner Measamer seconded the motion, and the motion <br /> was adopted, those voting for the resolution were •Ieim4... . Commissioners <br /> Atkins, Groce, Winstead, Measamer and Kelly. No one voted against it. <br /> W. D. Gregson, Lee County Veterans' Service Officer, presented <br /> his monthly report. <br /> Miss Mary Estelle Doyle, County Home Economics Agent, presented <br /> the monthly report of the County Home Economics Department. <br /> K. S. Harmon, County Farm Agent, presented his monthly report. <br /> D. F. Holder, Sheriff, presented the monthly report of the Sheriff's <br /> Department. _ <br /> W. H. Campbell, County'Tax Collector, presented a report of the <br /> collections of taxes for the month of January, 1960. <br /> On motion of,Commissioner Measamer, which motion was seconded <br /> by Commissioner Atkins, the'salary of Robert Bogan, janitor at the Health <br /> Department Building and the courthouse annex, was increased by unanimous <br /> vote of the Board the sum of $20. 00 per month, beginning with the salary checl•. <br /> due on March 1, 1960, which increase shall compensate the said Robert Bogan <br /> for his additional duties at the Lee County: Welfare ,Department Building. <br />