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, -a. • 16 if-)* <br /> • <br /> MINUTES OF ,REGULAR -MEETING 44 <br /> r- pi 9 14i <br /> 6 <br /> OF. _ <br /> • <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS a°"°k <br /> March 7, 1960 ` <br /> • <br /> . ' , - . <br /> The Board of Commission <br /> T ers of Lee-County met in regular monthly , <br /> session in the Commissioners' Room at the Courthouse, March 7, 1960, <br /> Y <br /> at 10:00 A. M. with the following members of the Board present for <br /> dispatch of business: - <br /> Commissioners Sion H. Kelly, Clyde J. Atkins, Evender Winstead, <br /> Ralph Groce and Percy Measamer, <br /> Commissioner Sion H. Kelly, Chairman of the Board, presided and <br /> the following business was transacted: <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of February 1, 1960, .were read <br /> and approved. , • <br /> E. P. Clark, custodian of the Courthouse, reported on the condition <br /> of all county buildings. - , <br /> D. F. Holder, Sheriff, presented'th'e monthly report of the Sheriff's <br /> Department.' <br /> W. D. Gregson, -Lee County Veterans' Service -Officer, presented his <br /> • <br /> monthly report. . - <br /> K. S. Harmon, County Farm Agent, presented.the monthly report of <br /> the County Agent' s Office. <br /> ' Miss Mary Estelle Doyle, County Home Economics Agent, presented <br /> Ral- the monthly report of the County Home Economics Department. <br /> /T , On motion of Commissioner Winstead, which motion was seconded <br /> by Commissioner Groce, a road petition submitted by Mrs. George Hancock <br /> and W. T. Smith for the addition of the 'Smith-Hancock Road off Cedar Lane <br /> Road, was unanimously approved. , <br /> On motion of Commissioner Atkins, which motion was seconded by <br /> Commissioner Groce, the Board by unanimous vote authorized the transfer . - <br /> of the collection of prepayment of taxes to the Tax Collector's Office. <br /> ' On motion of Commissioner 'Winstead,. which motion was seconded by <br /> Commissioner 'Atkins, the County Attorney was authorized and instructed <br /> to prepare and cause to be executed by the Chairman of the Board and <br /> Clerk to the Board, a quitclaim deed'.from,Lee County to Arthur Cox'for <br /> a login East Sanford';Township'in order Co comply with the offer accepted <br /> by the Board of Commissioners of Lee County on June 4, 1945, which offer • <br /> was submitted by the said Arthur Cox. The offer and its acceptance is . <br /> recorded in Minute Book 4, at Page 333. - <br /> L.. L. Beckham, Director. Of Civil Defense, ;presented his monthly <br /> report: ' <br /> X 65thocu 3thxxH iiiixIa6d r.,,Irish cir cT nmxo5ci°ae craca kntnatpgatiacrr <br /> G xiicxx�ae ecdzanxxxasxixra axsx - <br />