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• <br /> 2, .,„A Day` �! <br /> N <br /> 11A <br /> MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING <br /> , OF THE <br /> • BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> • <br /> May 2, 1960 <br /> • <br /> The Board of Commissioners of Lee County met in regular <br /> • monthly session in the Commissioners' Room at the Courthouse on • <br /> Monday, May 2, .1960, at 10:00 A. M. , with the following members of <br /> • the Board present for dispatch of business: <br /> ' Commissioners Clyde J. Atkins, Sion H. Kelly; Percy <br /> Measamer, Ralph Groce and Evander Winstead. <br /> • Commissioner Sion H. Kelly, Chairman of the Board, presided <br /> and the following-business was transacted: <br /> The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. C. H. Dotson, <br /> pastor.of th'e Wesleyan Methodist Church. <br /> The minutes of the regular. meeting of April 4, 1960, and <br /> the minutes of the special meeting of April 19, 1960, were read and <br /> approved. <br /> • <br /> The report of E. P. Clark, custodian of the courthouse, on <br /> the condition of all buildings owned by the county was received by the Board. <br /> • D. F. Holder; Sheriff, presented his monthly report. • <br /> • W. D. Gregson, Veteran's Service Officer, presented the <br /> monthly report of the Lee County Veterans' Service Office. <br /> • <br /> Orton J. Cameron, a member of the Board of Directors of <br /> the Sanford Chamber of Commerce, requested the Board to consider <br /> action to provide funds foi' the ejection of a building for an industrial <br /> • . training school. The question was discussed at length and in detail but <br /> no formal action was taken. <br /> Miss Mary Estelle Doyle, County Home Economics Agent, <br /> presented her-monthly report. <br /> K. S. Harmon, County Farm Agent, presented his monthly <br /> report. <br /> The report oft Mrs. Nette, B: 'Keith, Register of' Deeds, was received <br /> by the Bo ird. Mrs. Louise Dowdy, a member of the County Health Department, <br /> presented the report of the Lee County Health Department and the Lee <br /> County Sanitary Department. • <br /> On motion of commissioner Measamer, which motion was <br /> seconded by Commissioner Atkins, and upon the recommendation of the <br /> Lee County Library Board, T. M. Perry, Sr. , was unanimously re- <br /> appointed to a six-year term on the Lee County Library Board. <br /> • <br /> The County Attorney presented a letter from J. Chandler Eakes, <br /> Lee County Surveyor, who requested•the Board to accept his resignation <br /> as such county surveyor. On motion of Commissioner Measamer, which <br /> motion was seconded by Commissioner Groce, the resignation of Mr. Eakes <br /> as county surveyor was unanimously accepted. <br />