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•15— <br /> flY <br /> filAtclit: /6 2,O. <br /> Ipe <br /> MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING <br /> OF <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS • <br /> May 19, 1960 <br /> The Board of Commissioners of Lee County met in special <br /> session in the Courtroom at the Courthouse on Thursday night, May 19, <br /> 1960, at 8:00 o'clock P. M., pursuant to.notice thereof as by law required. ,,yi. <br /> the following members of the Board weg.e present'for dispatch of business: <br /> Commissioners Sion H. Kelly, Clyde J. Atkins, and Percy <br /> Measamer. <br /> • <br /> • • Commissioner Sion H. Kelly„ Chairman of the Board, presided <br /> and the following business was transacted: • <br /> • <br /> The chairman announced that.the special meeting had been <br /> called to protest an alleged •proposal on'the. part of the Prison Department <br /> of the State of North Carolina to relocate Camp Polk in Lee County. The <br /> chairman then outlined in detail such information as he had in his possession <br /> concerning the rumor or proposal that Camp Polk was to bemoved to Lee <br /> County. He then called upon Paul J. Barringer, Sr. , a Lee County <br /> resident owning land in the .area in which it is alleged that said Camp <br /> was to be established to give such information as he had in his -possession <br /> concerning the desire of interested parties to purchase land on which <br /> the camp might possibly be located. There then followed a general <br /> discussion by all parties present. It appeared that there were approximately <br /> A5 persons present and everyone expressed their opposition to the <br /> proposal to relocate Camp Polk in Lee County. Thereupon Commissioner <br /> Atkins moved the adoption of the following resolution, to-wit: <br /> "WHEREAS, it has been made to appear by various news <br /> articles and other sources of information that the prison camp located • <br /> at Cary, known as Camp Polk, will be moved to-another location; <br /> • <br /> AND WHEREAS, it has become a matter of public information <br /> that the North Carolina Prison Department is now seeking another location <br /> • for said prison facility; <br /> AND WHEREAS, it is contemplated that approximately seven <br /> hundred (700) acres will be required to meet the land needs of the prison <br /> department for the relocation of said prison camp; <br /> AND WHEREAS, it has become a matter of public knowledge <br /> and information that the Department of Administration of the State of North <br /> Carolina is now seeking a location fore said prison camp; <br /> AND WHEREAS; it has been brought to the attention of the • <br /> Board of Commissioners that a number of property owners in,the Deep River• <br /> Section of Lee County have been approached about the sale of their lands; <br /> AND WHEREAS, one resident of Lee County•who owns property . <br /> in Deep River Township, Lee County, has stated to the said Board of <br /> Commissioner' s of Lee County in writing that he has been approached by <br /> a party or parties who have stated to him that his land, as well as adjacent <br /> land, is desired for the relocation of Camp Polk;. <br /> , AND WHEREAS, there is already located in Lee County one <br /> prison camp; • <br /> • <br /> AND WHEREAS, the sense of the Board of Commissioners <br /> that the Cape Fear River Basin is rapidly being developed as a recreation <br /> area and the location of a major prison camp in the Gape Fear Basin would <br /> materially retard and restrict the use of the area for recreational purposes; <br />