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. C <br /> ` f <br /> • <br /> 72/ <br /> py1 MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING <br /> 0 <br /> - OF THE ! <br /> 0/ L BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS . . <br /> R, <br /> nN June 27, 1960 . <br /> The Board of Commissioners of .Lee 'County met in special <br /> session in the- County Autitor' s office ,in •the courthouse on Monday <br /> night, June 27,' 1960, at 7:30 -o+ clock,' pursuant to notice, as' by <br /> law-required. The following members of the 'Bbard were present for <br /> • dispatch of business: • . . <br /> Commissioners -Percy Measamer, Clyde J,. Atkins, Evander <br /> • Winstead, Ralph" Groce and Sion'H. Kelly. <br /> ' Commissioner Sion H. Kelly, . Chairman of the Board, presided <br /> and the following business was transacted: • . - <br /> • The Chairman presented Mr. L. P. Wilkins, member of the Lee <br /> County Hospital Board of Trustees, and Mr. Paul Cragan, -Adminis- <br /> trator of the Lee County Hospital, who reviewed the operations of she <br /> Lee County Hospital and requested the Board to call an election <br /> to submit to the qualified voters of -Lee County, the question of <br /> the issuance of $600,000.00 in bonds for the construction of an <br /> addition to the Lee County Hospital. There then followed a general <br /> discussion of the bonded indebtedness •of the County, and after <br /> full discussion of the question, the County Attorney prepared the <br /> following resolution, to-wit: <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of Lee County <br /> . that - the County Attorney be and he is hereby authorized and <br /> directed to, prepare resolution calling an election to submit to <br /> the qualified voters of Lee County the question of a bond order - <br /> providing for the issuance of not more than -the aggregate amount <br /> of $600 900.00 in bonds of said County for the purpose of con= <br /> structing •and equipping an addition to the Lee County . Hospital, <br /> the .total cost of which project shall be in a maximum amount of <br /> not more than $1,330,000.00. <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the 'Board of ,Trustees of Lee <br /> County Hospital- be authorized. and empowered .to apply to the North <br /> . Carolina Medical Care Commission for financial aid and assistance <br /> in the proposed project. - - <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Said bond election be called and <br /> submitted to the qualified -voters of Lee County at, the time of the. <br /> regular election for County officers to be held in November, 1960. <br /> Commissioner Groce moved the. adoption of the foregoing <br /> resolution and said motion was seconded by Commissioner Winstead. <br /> The vote upon said resolution was as follows: <br /> Measamer Aye - - <br /> -• Atkins Aye • <br /> -Grote Aye. <br /> • . Winstead - Aye <br /> ' Kelly . - , Aye <br /> • <br /> The 'County.: Attorney 'then presented a 'contract which pro- <br /> . posed that the County enter into with the Automatic Voting Machine! <br /> Company- of Jamestown, New York, which contract provides ' for the . . <br /> renting of two- additional voting machines for the sum of $434.00 <br /> per year for a' term of 10 years. It was pointed out that ad- <br /> ditional voting machines were needed 'in' order to meet the needs of <br /> the County and to provide a spare or extra. voting machine in the <br /> event one in use became inoperative. Upon motion of Commissioner <br /> Clyde J. Atkins, who made the- motion for the rent or purchase of <br />