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l,� k <br /> / MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING <br /> \° OF THE <br /> /Th Q' BOARD-OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> • <br /> July 27, 1960 <br /> The Board of Commissioners4of Lee County met in special <br /> • session pursuant to notice of'adjournment at the regular monthly meeting. <br /> of July 5, 1960, at the courthouse at 7:30 o'clock P. M. , with the <br /> following members present for dispatch of business: <br /> • <br /> Commissioners Clyde J. Atkins, Ralph Groce, Sion H. Kelly, <br /> Percy Measamer and Evander Winstead. <br /> Chairman Sion'H. Kelly presided and the following business was <br /> transacted: • <br /> The Chairman stated that the purpose of the meeting was to <br /> consider the adoption of a resolution approving the budget and making_ <br /> appropriations for the operation of Lee County for its various agencies <br /> ending June 30, 1961. The Chairman then recognized Mr. H. A. McIver, <br /> Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Lee County Hospital who requested <br /> the Board of Commissioners to call a special election to submit to the <br /> qualified voters of Lee County a bond issue to provide funds for the <br /> construction of an addition to the Lee County Hospital. Mr. McIver • <br /> asked that a special election be held to submit only this issue to a vote of <br /> the pfople and that, if necessary, the trustees of the Lee County Hospital <br /> would underwrite the cost of such special election. <br /> Dr. F. L. Knight, S. W. Shaw and Harry Register spoke in <br /> support of Mr. McIver' s request. Twenty-two persons were present for <br /> the purpose of supporting Mr. McIver' s request and there then followed • <br /> a general discussion of the problem. <br /> Commissioner Measamer introduced the following bond order <br /> which was read at length:, <br /> .9 <br /> �u / "BOND ORDER AUTHORIZING THE ISSUANCE OF $600, 000 <br /> PUBLIC HOSPITAL BONDS OF THE COUNTY OF LEE. • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners of the County of Lee <br /> deems it advisable that the County shall enlarge the public hospital operated <br /> and maintained by the County-for the use of the inhabitants. of the County <br /> and desires to provide for the financing'of the enlargement and equipment <br /> of an addition to such hospital; NOW, THEREFORE, <br /> BE IT ORDERED BY the Board of Commissioners of the County <br /> of Lee as follows: <br /> • <br /> Section 1. The Board of Commissioners of the'County of <br /> Lee has ascertained and hereby determines that, iri order to provide <br /> an adequate public hospital for,the inhabitants of said County, it will be <br /> necessary to erect an addition to'said hospital and to acquire the equipment <br /> suitable for its use as a part of such hospital, and that it will be necessary <br /> to expend for such purpose not less than $600, 000, in addition to funds <br /> which may be made available for such purpose from sources other than <br /> County,funds. <br /> • <br /> • <br /> • <br /> r1l <br />