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r , <br /> ii <br /> Cr Y� <br /> xicyty <br /> A MINUTES OF .SPECIAL MEETING <br /> OF <br /> Oy° BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS : . - <br /> August 22, 1960 . ' <br /> • <br /> The Board of Commissioners of Lee County met in special called <br /> session in the Commissioners' Room at the Courthouse at 6:30 o'cloc,,,,�k�', <br /> ' P. M. , on the of August, 1960, pursuant to notice thereofigi . <br /> as bylaw required. _ The following members of the Board were present . <br /> for dispatch of business: , . <br /> t. <br /> . Commissioners Sion H. Kelly, Clyde J. Atkins, Percy Measamer, <br /> Evander Winstead and'Ralph Groce. - <br /> • , Chairman Sion H. 'Kelly presided'and the following business was <br /> transacted: , - <br /> The Chairman stated that the meeting had been called for the purpose <br /> • . of considering.the adoption of bond orders for school purposes, the erection <br /> of a jail and the construction: 'of an Industrial Training :Center; <br /> ' Commissioner Measamer introduced the following bond order which <br /> was' read at length: . <br /> . <br /> ' "BOND ORDER AUTHORIZING THE, ISSUANCE OF $150, 000 COUNTY <br /> . <br /> JAIL-BONDS OF THE COUNTY OF LEE, <br /> • <br /> WHEREAS, the Board 'of Commissioners of the County of Lee deems <br /> it advisable that•the County shall provide a new county jail and the Board of . <br /> Commissioners desires to 'provide' for the financing of the erection-and <br /> equipment of the necessary building; NOW, THEREFORE,, <br /> ' BE IT ORDERED by the Board of Commissioners of the County of <br /> Lee as follows: <br /> Section 1; 'The Board of Commissioners of the County of Lee has <br /> ascertained and hereby determines that it is necessary,to erect a new <br /> building to be used as a county jail and to'acquire the equipment suitable . <br /> for its use, and that it will be necessary to expend for such purposes not ' <br /> •less than $150, 000. ' <br /> . . r <br /> Section 2. "In order to raise the'money required to finance the <br /> erection and equipment of a new building to be 'used as a county jail. on <br /> a parcel of land adjoining the site of the present county jail, heretofore <br /> ' acquired by the County, bonds of the County of Lee are hereby authorized <br /> and shall be issued pursuant to;the County Finance A'ct of North Carolina. <br /> ' The maximum aggregate principal amount of said bonds authorized by <br /> this,bond order shall be One Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars ($150, 000). <br /> • <br /> Section 3. A tax sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on <br /> Said bonds when due shall be annually levied and collected. <br /> ' Section 4. A statement of the County debt of the County of Lee <br /> has been filed with the Clerk of the Board of Commissioners of said <br /> County and is open to public inspection, . <br /> Section 5. This bona order shall take effect when approved by the <br /> voters of the' County'at an election as provided in said Act. " <br />