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N41NUT1 8 Ols THE REGULAR MEEETING <br />LEE COUNTY, CAROLINA <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />Monday, January 2, 1968 <br /> <br />The regular electing of the aoard of Commissioners for Lee <br />County. convened at 10,00 o'clock a. m. on Tuesday, January 2. 1968, in the <br />Commissioners' Roots in the Leo County Courthouse. Those present were <br />Chairman jotm E. Dotterer, Commesioners ,,4ax McLeod, A. e. White, Franklin <br />1,, Wicker, and Charles Robert Yow. 1*me of the Commissioners were absent. <br />Chairman John F.. Datterer presided and the following business <br />was transacted: <br />The Meeting was opened by a prayer given by Reverend Harold <br />King of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Sanford, N. C. <br />The minutes of the regular meeting held on December 4. 1967, <br />were approved and ordered recorded. <br />Chairman Douerer expressed his appreciation for the flowers <br />sent by the Board, on the passing of his father. <br />Commissioner Wicker reported on correspondence with West <br />Sanford fire Vepartment. Commissioner Yow inquired about status of Tramway <br />Fire Department and a discussion snout the department site was held but no formal <br />action was taken. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner Yow, seconded by Commissioner <br />`dicker, and unanimously adopted, it was RESOLVED to approve the creation for a <br />Centrai State Account for the disbusement of Welfare assistance payment. <br />,ir. W. 1). Gregaon, Service Officer, appeared before the Board <br />and presented the quarterly report on behalf of the Board of Veterans Affairs. <br />The written report of collections for the Ambulance service was <br />presented to the Hoard. <br />Mr. L. L. Beckham, Director, appeared before the Board and <br />gave a report on behalf of the Sanford-Lee County Civil Defense Board. <br />Mr. Hugh Tally, Sanitarian, appeared before the Board and <br />discussed his inspection of the community well on the A. C. Cameron property. <br />He was requested to inquire of the Utilities Commission if their agencies should <br />regulate this practice. <br />Mr. Raymond Ledford appeared before the Board and presented <br />the monthly report on behalf of the Welfare Department. He slano xzzported on the <br />procedure followed in the purchase of the new typewriter for hie department. <br />Mr. Nathan Crissman, Tax Collector, appeared before the Board <br />and gave a report on the collection of his office during the preceding astooth. <br />. The written report of Mr. D. P. Molder, Sheriff, was presented <br />to the Board and read by the Chai rman. <br />