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aiiINLP9 RS OP THE SPECIAL OFE:TING OF THE <br />BOARD O CU~114AISSIQNER FOR LLF CO:JNTY, <br />Mi'i'7" 14 CAROLINA <br />Friday. ve➢+ruary 16, 1458 <br />A Special Meeting of the Board of COMTristsio2eras of Lee <br />C. aunty was held at the P.,astt missioneree' Room in the Lee County Courthouse, <br />in Sanford, North Carolina, at 2:30 o'clock p. m., same being the time. date, <br />and place specified in the call of the meeting issued by t1w Chalzman. Present <br />were Chairman John R. Dotterer, Coxandsaioners hUu McIzod. A. E. White, <br />Franklin t;>. ;wicker and Charles Robert Yow. None of the Commissioners were <br />absent. <br />Chairman John E. Dotterer presided and the following business <br />was transacted: <br />which <br />Comrnisssioner White introduced the following order/was read at <br />length: <br />WETP.'REAS, the County Board of Education has <br />determined that existing school plant facilities in the Lee <br />County School Administrative tIait are not adequate for the <br />maintenance of public echools for the nine uac=hs' school <br />term prescribed by law, and has requested the Bondi of <br />e mrrAss;lonere to p mvide the sues of $2, WO, WO to finance <br />additional aerosol plant facilities such as are described in <br />Section i of this Bond osier and which said County Board of <br />Eduema n has deteradiated are my to enable the <br />county of Lee, as an adaro dstraative agency Ct the public <br />school system of ttaa State of North Carolina, to maintain <br />public schools in the Lean County AdministraaUve Unit for <br />the anise months" sal term prescribed by law; and <br />WHEREAS, the Sanford City Board of Education has <br />determined that existing school plant facilities in the Sodord <br />City School Adminiastradve Unit are not adequate €or the <br />nwintenaance of public schools for the trine csassasft* school <br />termer prescribed by law, € nd has=r ted the Bid of <br />ndsalonere to prtsvlde the stage of M WO. 000 to finance <br />ex=tlonal school plant €acihifloo such as are feGerLbad to <br />motion l of this Bond order and wlaMcb said Board of Rducadon <br />has determined are necessary to enable the County of Lee, as an <br />a adwitulastretive agency of the public school system of the State <br />of North Carolina, to maintain public schools in the Sanford <br />City Administrative Lh t for the n1ne months* school iterate <br />prescribed by late; <br />NOW, T'Eti?REF®RE* <br />BE IT ORDERED by the Board of Coxandesion rs of <br />the County of tee, as follows: <br />4eGdea4-. 73ae Board of Conustiasasioners of the County <br />of Lee hags ascertained and hereby deteradnes that it is necessary <br />F'€tge 'laaae <br />