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MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED REGULAR <br />MEETING OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />OF LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />Monday, March 11th, 1968 <br />The adjourned regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners <br />for Lee County, North Carolina, met in the Commissioners' Room of the Lee <br />County Courthouse at 4 o'clock p. m., on Monday, March 11, 1968, in accordance <br />with the motion of adjourtunent. Those present were Chairman John E. Dotterer, <br />Commissioners A. E. White, Franklin D. Wicker and Charles Robert Yaw. Cornm- <br />issioner Max McLeod was absent. Chairman John E. Dotterer presided and the <br />following business was transacted: <br />Mr. Beady B. Waddell, Jr. , was inducted into the office as member <br />of the Lee County Welfare Board by taking the oath of office in front of Sion H. Kelly, <br />Clerk of the Superior Court. <br />W. J. Glenn Edwards, Chairman of the Lee County Board of <br />Education, and Asir. J. R. Ingram, Chairman of the City Board of Education, appeared <br />before the Board and requested that the election on the $5,:000,000 School Bond Issue <br />be submitted to the voters on Tuesday, September 17, 1968. There was a discussion <br />concerning the election date and Commissioner White moved that the bond election be <br />called for September 17, 1968. There was no second to the motion and the chair <br />ruled for a lack of a motion for second. No date was set for`the School Bond election <br />at this meeting. <br />Commissioner Yow moved the adoption of the following resolution: <br />WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners has adopted <br />the bond order hereinafter described authorizing the issuance:of-bonds, and such <br />bond order and the indebtedness to be incurred by the issuance of such bonds, should <br />be submitted to the-voters of the County, of Lee for their approval or disapproval, in <br />order to comply with the Constitution and Laws of North Carolina, NOW, THEREFOR <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners of the <br />County of Lee as follows: <br />(1) The question whether the qualified voters of <br />ther~,County of Lee shall approve or disapprove (1) the <br />indebtednesso be incurred by the issuance°of the bonds of <br />the County of Lee authorized by the bond order described in the <br />notice hereinafter set forth, and (2) the levy of taxes for the <br />payment thereof, and (3) said bond order shall be submitted to <br />the qualified voters of the County of Lee at a special election to <br />be held-in said County on May 4, 1968. <br />(2) The Clerk of the Board of Commissioners is hereby <br />authorized and directed to publish a notice of the submission of <br />said questions at said Special Election in substantially the <br />following form: <br />COUNTY OF LEE, NORTH CAROLINA <br />NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION TO BE HELD. ON <br />IMAY 4, 1968 <br />