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sooK 7 PACE 20 7 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR LEE COUNTY, <br />NORTH CAROLINA <br />Wednesday, April 10, 1968 <br />The special meeting of the Board of Commissioners for <br />Lee County, North Carolina, met in the Commissioners` Room of the Lee County <br />Courthouse at 3:00 o'clock p, m, on Wednesday, April 10, 1968, pursuant to a <br />call by the Chairman in accordance with General Statutes 153-8. Those present <br />were Chairman John E. Dotterer, Commissioners Max McLeod, A. E. White, <br />Franklin D. Wicker, and Charles Robert Yow. None of the Commissioners were <br />absent. <br />Chairman John E. Dotterer presided and the following business <br />was transacted: <br />His Honor Harry E. Canaday, Judge Resident in the Eleventh <br />Judicial District, appeared before the Board and reviewed with them the require- <br />ments for additional court space necessitated by the transfer to the General Court <br />of justice system. No formal plans were made but judge Canady assured the Board <br />that he would assist them in any way that he could. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner Yow, seconded by Commissioner <br />Wicker, and unanimously adopted, it was RESOLVED to authorize the transfer of <br />$100.00 from the equipment fund and $200.00 from the stationery printing and <br />advertising fund to a part-time help fund, all within the appropriation for the tax <br />collector's office. <br />The Clerk presented the returns showing the result of the voting <br />on the proposition to transfer and permanently attach the territories described as <br />Areas No. 1 or Pocket-Cumnock Area and Area No. 2 or the W. B. Wicker Area, <br />in the petition filed with the Board at the meeting held on the /~~day of FE6,evA eY > <br />19 8 at the special election held in said Areas on April 6, 1968, made by the <br />Registrars and Judges of Election appointed to hold the election. The returns were <br />read and considered. <br />Commissioner Yow moved the adoption of the following resolution: <br />WHEREAS, the Registrars and Judges of <br />Election appointed to hold the Special Election held <br />in the Countyof Lee in the areas described in the <br />petition for said election have held s44 election <br />and have made returns showing result he voting <br />on the proposition to transfer and permanently <br />attach said areas to the Sanford City Administrative <br />Unit and to authorize a supplementary tax, and the <br />Board of Commissioners has considered said returns <br />and has duly canvassed said returns and ascertained <br />the results of said election; and <br />WHEREAS, it appears from said returns <br />that the polls were opened on April 6, 1968, in each <br />area at the polling place prescribed therefor, at the <br />hour at 6:00 o'clock a. m. and were continuously <br />kept open until 6:30 o'clock p. m. and that the voters <br />voting at said election were required to use ballots <br />