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.F <br />HOOK 7 w213 <br />MINUTES OF SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR LEE COUNTY, <br />NORTH CAROLINA <br />Friday, April 19, 1968 <br />Sheriff D. F. Holder appeared before the Board and requested advice <br />on how to plan his budget for the coming fiscal year. After discussion, Commissioner <br />Yow moved that the Sheriff be instructed_to plan a budget to provide for the following : <br />1 Sheriff, 8 Deputies, 1 Cook-Matron, 3 Jailers, and 1 part time jailer and to prepare <br />specifications for three new cars with the trade-in of the oldest department car. Comm- <br />issioner McLeod seconded the motion and upon a vote it was unanimously adopted. <br />The Chairman presented the written request of the Board of <br />Trustees of the Central Carolina Technical Institute for transfers with their budget approp <br />riations. Commissioner Yow moved the adoption of the following resolution: <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioners <br />that the Board of Trustees of the Central Carolina Technical <br />Institute are authorized : <br />(a) to transfer $520.00 from account 1223, New <br />Heating, Plumbing & Electrical to Account 1222, Alterations <br />& Additions, within the Local Capital Outlay Fund. <br />(b) to budget the June 30, 1967 cash balance as follows: <br />Current Expense <br />J <br />The special meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee <br />County, North Carolina, convened at 4:30 p. m, on Friday, April 19, 1968, in the <br />Commissioners' Room at the Lee County Courthouse, as specified in the call <br />issued by the Chairman, pursuant to General Statute 153-8. Chairman John E. <br />Dotterer, Commissioners Max McLeod, Franklin D. Wicker, and Charles Robert <br />Yow were present. Commissioner A. E. White was absent. Chairman John E. <br />Dotterer presided and the following business was transacted: <br />There was a discussion about the collection procedures used <br />by the Tax Collector. <br />The Chairman advised the Board the next matter to be considered <br />was the proposition of forming a two County Health District with Harnett County. There <br />was a discussion about the proposition and a majority expressed the opinion that they <br />preferred to remain in the present five .County district. The Chairman advisedth e Board <br />no formal action was necessary since the failure to take some positive action Would mean <br />that theCounty would remain in its present district. The Clerk was instructed to <br />advise the Board of Commissioners of Harnett County of the position of the Board. <br />Operation of Plant <br />1001 Salaries janitors 750.00 <br />1003 Water, Lights & Power 1,225.00 <br />1004 Supplies & materials 600.00 <br />1005 Telephone 400.00 <br />1006 Motor Vehicle Oprs. 150.00 <br />