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F, <br />1 BOOR 7 PACE220 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING OF THE <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR LEE COUNTY, <br />NORTH CAROLINA <br />Friday, May 24th, 1968 <br />The special meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee <br />County, North Carolina, met in the Commissioners' Room of the Lee County <br />Courthouse at 2:00 o'clock p. m. on Friday, May 24th, 1968, pursuant to a call <br />by the Chairman in accordance with General Statute 153-8.' Those present were <br />Chairman John E. Dotterer, Commissioners Max McLeod,, A. E. White, Franklin <br />D. Wicker, and Charles Robert Yew. None of the Commissioners were absent. <br />Chairman John E. Dotterer presided and the following business <br />was transacted: <br />Mr: W. B. Pittman of the Mental Health Advisory Board appeared <br />before the Board and reported on his visit with Medical Care Commission concerning <br />construction of the mental health facility. `~T <br />The Board next considered the current expense and capital outlay <br />budget requests for the school administrative units. <br />. The Board reviewed thebidget requests for ambulance services, <br />dog warden services, and recreation programs. <br />Commissioner McLeod reported the bid prices he had secured on <br />dump trucks and that the most economical one was from the State. Upon motion of <br />Commissioner McLeod, seconded by Commissioner White, it was resolved to approp- <br />riate the sum of $600.00, from the unappropriated balance in the General Fund to the <br />Courthouse Maintenance fund for purchase of a dump truck. The roll call vote was as <br />follows: <br />AYE: McLeod, White, Wicker, Yow, and Dotterer <br />NO: None <br />. The Board considered the budget request for recreation programs <br />again. Upon motion of Commissioner McLeod, ; seconded by Commissioner White, it <br />was resolved to instruct the Auditor to include at least $5, 000.00 for City recreation <br />programs and at least $8, 000.00 for County. recreation in the budget estimate. The <br />roll call vote was as follows: <br />AYE: McLeod, White, Wicker, Yow,= and Dotterer <br />NO: None <br />There was a discussion about providing a second Courtroom but no <br />formal action was taken. The Clerk was instructed to write Mr. Bert Montague, <br />Administrative Officer of The Courts, to determine if he feels it is essential that Lee <br />County provide two Courtrooms. <br />Commissioner Wicker moved the adoption of the following resolution <br />with respect to McDuffie Road connecting Bryant Road and Cheshire Road in Breezewood <br />Acres Subdivision near Tramway: <br />