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BOOK 7 FAG04 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING <br />OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />OF LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />Friday, October 18, 1968 <br />A Special Meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee County, <br />North Carolina, convened in the Commissioners' Room in the Lee County Court- <br />house, at Sanford, on Friday, October 18th, 1968, at 4 o'clock p. m., same being <br />the time, date and place specified in the call issued by the Chairman. Those <br />present were: Chairman John E. Dotterer, Commissioners Max McLeod, A. E. <br />White, Franklin D. Wicker and Charles Robert Yow. <br />Chairman John E. Dotterer presided and the following business was <br />transacted: <br />Upon motion of Commissioner White, seconded by Commissioner Wicker, <br />it was RESOLVED to have specifications prepared for heating and cooling County offices <br />in the Wilrik Building. All of the Commissioners voted for this resolution with the <br />exception of Mr. Yow. <br />Upon motion made and seconded, it was RESOLVED to rent the Wilkins <br />Supply Company, its former space at the Wilrik Building at the monthly rental of <br />$50.00. Mr. Yow abstained from voting and all of the other Commissioners voted in <br />favor of the resolution. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner White, seconded by Commissioner Wicker, <br />it was RESOLVED to authorize Mr. Hugh Brewer to hire labor to make minor repairs <br />and alterations at the Wilrik Building, all of which work is to be done under the super- <br />vision of Mr. Brewer in his capacity as Superintendent of Buildings. All of the Comm- <br />issioners voted in favor of the resolution except Mr. Yow, who abstained from voting. <br />Commissioner McLeod presented a road petition pertaining to the Dorsett <br />Road in Pocket Township. Commissioner McLeod moved to adopt the following <br />resolution: <br />WHEREAS, the attached petition has been filed with <br />the Board of County Commissioners of the County of Lee, <br />requesting that the above described road, the location of <br />which has been indicated in red on the attached map, be <br />added to the Secondary Road System; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners is of the <br />opinion that the above described road should be added to the <br />Secondary Road System, if the road meets minimum standards <br />and criteria established by the State Highway Commission for <br />the addition of roads to the System. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of <br />County Commissioners of the County of Lee, that the State <br />Highway Commission is hereby requested to review the <br />above described road, and to take over the road for main- <br />tenance if it meets established standards and criteria. <br />Commissioner Wicker seconded the motion and upon a vote it was unanimous- <br />ly adopted. <br />