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MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING <br />OF THE <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />Friday, November 22, 1968 <br />The special meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee County met in the <br />Commissioners Room at the Lee County courthouse on Friday, November 22, 1968, <br />at 4:00 o'clock P. M. as specified in the call of the meeting issued by the Chairman <br />John E. Dotterer, Commissioners Max McLeod, A.. E.. White and Franklin D. Wicker. <br />Commissioner Charles Robert Yow was absent. <br />Chairman John E. Dotterer presided and the following business was transacted: <br />The Board proceeded to open the bids for furnishing and installing an air <br />conditioning system and heating system in the County office building. The bids were <br />as follows: <br />1. Miller Heating and Air Conditioning Company $9,974.00 <br />2. Coggins Air Conditioning & Heating Company 9,769.00 <br />3. Icing Roofing & Manufacturing Company 10, 666.59 <br />No formal action was taken at this time. <br />The Board then opened the bids on the installation of the electrical system in <br />the County office building. The bids were as follows: <br />1. Riddick Plumbing Company <br />2.. Phillips Electrical Company <br />3. Mace Electrical Company <br />$14,937.00 <br />11, 248.00 <br />14, 685.94 <br />After discussion with the County Electrical Inspector, the Board decided to award a <br />contract and proceed with the renovation of the office building. Commissioner White <br />moved the low bid of Phillips Electrical Company be accepted, the Chairman and <br />Clerk authorized to execute a contract, and the sum of $11,248. 00 be appropriated <br />from the County office building fund for the payment of said contract. Commissioner <br />McLeod seconded the motion and upon a roll call vote it was unanimously adopted. <br />Messrs. McLeod,. White, Wicker and Dotterer voted for it and no one voted against it. <br />Mr. Sion H. Kelly, Clerk of Superior Court, appeared before the Board and <br />requested an appropriation of $150.00 for extra help in connection with the change in <br />the Court system. Commissioner Wicker moved the sum of $150.00 be appropriated <br />from Emergency and Contingency Fund to the Clerk of Superior Court Fund for em- <br />ployment of part time help. Commissioner McLeod seconded the motion and upon <br />a vote, it was unanimously adopted. Messrs McLeod, White,. Wicker and Dotterer <br />voted for it and no one voted against it. <br />Chairman Dotterer reported he had met with Chairman Brock of the Board of <br />Commissioners for Harnett County about the salary for the Director of the Mental <br />Health Clinic. The salary agreed upon was $9, 732.00. <br />