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BOOK 7 m r 316 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL MEETING <br />OF THE <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1968 <br />The special meeting of the Board of Commissioner for the County of Lee <br />held pursuant to a call issued by the Chairman, under the authority of G. S. 153-8, <br />convened in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse at 10:00 o'clock A. M. on <br />Monday, December 23, 1968, the same being the time, date, and place specified. <br />Those present were Commissioners William B. Joyce, A. E. White, Franklin D. <br />Wicker and Gordon A. Wicker. Chairman John E. Dotterer was absent when the <br />meeting opened. Vice-Chairman Franklin D. Wicker presided and the following <br />business was transacted: <br />The bids received for the installation of heating and air conditioning of two <br />floors of the Wilrik Building were opened and recorded. The bids were as follows: <br />Miller Heating and Air Conditioning Company - $10, 546. 00 <br />Coggin Heating and Air Conditioning Company - $10, 400.00 <br />King Roofing & Manufacturing Corporation - $ 9,808.00 <br />Chairman John• E. Dotterer joined the meeting and participated in further <br />deliberations of the Board. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner White, seconded by Commissioner Joyce, it <br />was resolved by a unanimous vote to accept the low bid of King Roofing and Manufact- <br />uring Company. <br />Chairman John E. Dotterer assumed the Chair and presided over the remainder <br />of the session. <br />The Chairman announced the office of Economic Opportunity would hold a <br />public meeting in Carthage, North Carolina on January 2, 1969, on the designation of <br />Community Action Agency for the Sandhills Area. <br />Upon motion made, seconded, and duly adopted, it was resolved to increase <br />the bond of the tax collector to $25, 000.00. <br />