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W <br />soon 7 rnE 494 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF <br />THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR LEE COUNTY <br />NORTH CAROLINA <br /> <br />January 4th, 1971 <br />The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee <br />County, North Carolina, met in the Commissioner's Room at the County <br />Office Building at the corner of Steele and Wicker Streets in the City of <br />Sanford, at 10:00 o'clock a. m. , on Monday, January 4, 1971, thesame <br />being the hour, date, and place duly established for the holding of such <br />meeting. The Chairman called the meeting to order and on roll call, the <br />following answered present: William H. Cooper, J. Eugene Rogers, Perry <br />White, Gordon A. Wicker and Franklin D. Wicker. <br />The Chairman declared everyone present and the meeting open for <br />the transaction of business. <br />Chairman Wicker presided and the following business was transacted: <br />The written report of Mr.. Tom Haislip, Agricultural Extension <br />Chairman, was received and distributed. <br />The written report of Mrs. Mary Alice Crissman, Veterans Service <br />Officer, was received and distributed. <br />The written report of Mr. Nathan Crissman, Tax Collector, on his <br />collections for December, were received and distributed. <br />There was a discussion about utility line bonds and airport improve- . <br />ments, but no formal action was taken at this time. <br />Cep <br />Mr. Ralph Mc14a , appeared before the Board on behalf of the <br />Mental Health Authority, concerning maintenance and care of the Mental Health <br />facility. At the request of the Mental Health authority, the custodial care of their <br />facility was placed under the direct supervision of Mr. Hugh Brewer, Superin- <br />tendent of Buildings and Grounds. <br />Mr. Charles Voncanon, Jaycee President, appeared before the Board <br />and invited the Board to attend their annual awards night banquet, to be held <br />on January 19, 1971, at 7 o'clock p. m., at Campbell's Restaurant. <br />Mr. James Clark, Tax Supervisor, appeared before the Board and <br />reviewed the appraisal data which had been accumulated and presented to the <br />Board for their consideration. The Board then considered the adoption of the <br />guide lines prepared by the appraisal companies. <br />Commissioner Perry White moved that the schedules be reduced by <br />10%. There was no second and this motion died. <br />Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers moved that the guide lines be cut <br />by 20%. There was no second and this motion died. <br />Commissioner William H. Cooper moved to accept the schedules as <br />prepared by the appraisal company. Commissioner Rogers seconded the motion <br />and upon a vote it was adopted by a majority vote. <br />