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0 G <br />11 - - BOOK 7 PACE 508 <br />MINUTES <br />OF <br />THE <br />ADJOURNE <br />D REGULAR <br />MEETING <br />OF <br />THE <br />BOARD OF <br />COMMISSIONERS <br />FOR LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />Monday, February 15, 1971 <br />The adjourned regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for <br />Lee County, North Carolina, convened on Monday, February 15, 1971, in the <br />Commissioner's Room of the County Office Building at the corner of Steele and <br />Wicker Streets in the City of Sanford, the same being the time, date, and place <br />specified in the motion of adjournment. Those present were Commissioners <br />William H. Cooper, J. Eugene Rogers, Perry White, Gordon A. Wicker and' <br />Franklin D. Wicker. The Chairman declared a quorum present. <br />Chairman Franklin D. Wicker presided and the following business <br />was transacted: <br />Dr. John Chastain and Mr. Russell appeared before the Board ana <br />reviewed the types of equipment used in garbage collection and gave the approxi- <br />mate cost of such equipment. <br />The meeting then transferred to the Lee County Courthouse Annex <br />in order to hear a delegation of farmers with respect to the guidelines previously <br />adopted for revaluation of rural property. Mr. Bob Bowers, Mr. Bob Dalrymple <br />and Mr. C. S. Ragan spoke on behalf of the farmers and the matter was reviewed <br />at length and all persons in attendance were given an opportunity to speak or ask <br />questions. Following this meeting with the farmer's delegation, the Commissioners <br />returned to the County Office Building and continued their meeting. <br />The County Attorney reported on securing copies of the State Building <br />Code and reports which have been issued by the Insurance Commissioner <br />concerning the Code. <br />The County Attorney reported on the status of the application for <br />authority to issue bonds for water and sewer lines and Airport improvements. <br />Commissioner Gordon A. Wicker reported on the status of sales tax <br />legislation and a general discussion was held by the Board concerning this <br />subject. <br />. The County Attorney reported that the pending revision of the <br />Machinery Act would carry with it authority for the Commissioners to set <br />penalties and discounts and therefore he was instructed not to submit the <br />proposed local legislation on this subject until the outcome of the Machinery Act <br />legislation was determined. <br />Mr. James Clark, Tax Supervisor and a Representative of the Carolina <br />Appraisal Company, appeared before the Board and presented their recommen- <br />dations for guidelines with respect to urban property. There was an extended <br />discussion about the guidelines for both urban and rural property. Commissioner <br />Gordon A. Wicker stated that in his opinion, true market value would be deter- <br />mined in the following manner: With respect to rural property, double the old <br />schedule used in the last revaluation of property, and use that as the guideline in re- <br />valuing rural property, and with respect to urban property and subdivisions, to <br />compare the old schedule used in the last revaluation with the new schedule <br />proposed today by the Tax Supervisor and add or subtract one-half of the difference <br />