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AML <br />BOOK 7 PAGE 511 <br />7147 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR <br />MEETING OF THE BOARD. OF <br />COMMISSIONERS FOR LEE <br />COUNTY. NORTH CAROLINA <br />Monday, March 1, 1971 <br />The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee County, <br />North Carolina, convened on Monday, March 1, 1971, in the. Commissioners Room <br />of the County Office Building at the corner of Steele and Wicker Streets in the City <br />of Sanford, at 10 o'clock a, m. Those present were Commissioners William H. <br />Cooper, J.. Eugene Rogers, Perry White, Gordon A. Wicker and Franklin D. <br />Wicker. None of the Commissioners was missing. <br />Chairman Franklin D. Wicker presided and the following business was <br />transacted: <br />Mr. Robert Harris, City Manager of Sanford, appeared before the <br />Board and discussed various subjects pertaining to the location of the Coty Plant <br />on U. S. Highway 421, east of Sanford. <br />The Commissioners advised Mr. Harris that they were not inclined to <br />provide a surge pump on the water line to the Industrial site but they had every <br />intention of providing a sewer line to the industrial complex. <br />Mr. Harris discussed with the Board the complications which have <br />arisen aboutthe present City Airport and the extension of the runway because <br />of the proximity of the Railroad lines and neighboring houses. Mr. Harris <br />recommended that the County not proceed with its bond issue:'for Airport improve- <br />ments. <br />Mr. J. R. Ingram, Chairman, Mr. Glenn York, Mr. Hubert Waddell and <br />Mr. Mack Auman, appeared with Mr. Kenneth Brinson, Superintendent of the Sanford <br />City Board of Education. Mr. Brinson spoke on behalf of the School Board and <br />presented a list of needs. No formal action was taken at that time; however, <br />Chairman Wicker assured the Board that some action would be taken at this meeting <br />upon the request for funds. <br />Mrs. Claude Ferguson, property owner in the vicinity of the Dreamland <br />Motor Court on the Saint Andrews Road, appeared before the Board to request per- <br />mission to establish a trailer court on her land. Mrs. Ferguson was advised <br />that the County did not regulate the installation of mobile homesparks and as long <br />as she complied with the applicable health laws and zoning regulations of the City <br />of Sanford, she had met the local requirements. <br />There was a discussion about self-service gasoline stations and the <br />Sheriff was requested to determine if the facilities for attendants were in compliance <br />with the State Law. <br />Mr. William N. Bostic, Jr., of the firm of Sheetz and Bradfield, Archi- <br />tects, and Mr. Roy Utley, appeared before the Board and reviewed the law and <br />procedures pertaining to County Housing Authorities. <br />Mr. Jimmy L. Love, Representative, appeared before the Board to <br />ascertain if the Board had any instructions pertaining to local Legislation. Mr. <br />Love reported on the status of sales tax Legislation and the Homestead Exemption <br />Act for Retired Persons. The Board thanked Mr. Love for his interest and <br />attendance at their meeting. <br />The minutes of the regular adjourned meeting held on February 15th, <br />1971, were approved and ordered recorded. <br />