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BODK Ph,E 5~5 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF <br />R <br />THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR <br />LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />Monday, April 5th, 1971 <br />Thecregular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee <br />County, North Carolina, convened on Monday, April 5, 1971, in the <br />Commissioners Room of the County Office Building at the corner of Steele <br />and Wicker Streets, in the City of Sanford,.'-the place, hour, anddate duly <br />established for the holding of such meeting. Chairman called the meeting <br />to order and on roll call, the following answered present: Commissioners <br />J. Eugene Rogers, Perry White, Gordon A. Wicker and Franklin D. Wicker, <br />and the following was absent: Commissioner William H. Cooper. The <br />Chairman declared a quorum present. <br />Charman Franklin D. Wicker presided and the following <br />business was transacted: <br />A petition requesting the addition to the State Maintained Secondary <br />Road System of the roadand the Jones Trailer Park was presented to the Board <br />and considered.. Commissioner' Gordon A.. Wicker moved the adoption of the <br />following resolution: <br />WHEREAS, the attached petition has been <br />filed with the Board of County Commissioners of the‚ÄĘCounty <br />of Lee , requesting that the above described road, the <br />location of which has been indicated in red on the attached <br />map, be added to the Secondary Road System; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners <br />is of the opinion that the above described road should be added <br />to the Secondary Road System, if the road meets minimum <br />standards and criteria established by the State Highway <br />Commission for the addition of roads to the System. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board <br />of County Commissioners of the County of Lee that the State <br />Highway Commission is hereby requested to review the above- <br />described road, and to takeover the road for maintenance if <br />it meets established standards and criteria. <br />Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers seconded the motion and upon a <br />vote it was unanimously adopted. <br />The minutes of the adj*urned regular meeting held on Wednesday, <br />March 3rd, 1971, and the minutes of the adjourned regular meeting held on Monday, <br />March 15th, 1971, were approved and ordered recorded. <br />The Chairman presented to the Board a letter from the Lee <br />County Board of Education, requesting permission to use the additional funds <br />for instructional services. Upon motion of Commissioner Rogers, seconded by <br />Commissioner Gordon Wicker, it was unanimously resolved to authorize the <br />expenditure of said additional appropriation for instructional services. <br />