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~ g00K ~ iI PAGE 76~ <br />MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED REGULAR <br />MEETING OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS <br />FOR LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />MONDAY, 19 JULY 1971 <br />The adjourned regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners <br />for the County of Lee, North Carolina, convened in the Commissioners Room <br />on the second floor of the County Office Building at the corner of Steele and <br />Wicker Streets in the City of Sanford, at 9:30 o'clock a. m, on Monday, <br />July 19, 1971. Those present were Commissioners William H. Cooper, <br />J. Eugene Rogers, Perry White, Gordon A. Wicker and Chairman <br />Franklin D. Wicker. The Chairman declared a quorum present and the <br />meeting open for the transaction of business. <br />Chairman Franklin D. Wicker presided and the following <br />business was transacted: <br />Dr. O, David Garvin, Director of the District Health Depart- <br />ment, appeared before the Board and discussed a method of obtaining medical <br />assistant from the Public Health Program. Dr. Garvin and the Chairman <br />were to arrange a meeting between the Commissioners and interested parties, <br />Dr. Garvin also asked for an amendment of his budget appropriation to increase <br />funds for the coming fiscal year. <br />Dr. Mary Margaret McLeod appeared before the Board on <br />behalf of the Youth Development Commission and gave a report on the <br />Commission's activities to arrange a pilot program on child rehabilitation. <br />Dr. McLeod also reported to the Board that Mrs. Clarice B. Wicker had resign <br />ed as a member of the Commission and requested that the Board appoint <br />someone to fill the vacancy created by Mrs. Wicker's resignation. <br />Mr, W. T. Proctor of the Farmer's Home Administration <br />appeared before the Board and made a report on the number of loans made. <br />There was a discussion about the Chairman being authorized <br />to execute the FHA form pertaining to a loan to be submitted at the time the <br />County applies for a grant for Solid Wase Disposal and on motion of Gordon <br />A. Wicker and duly seconded by Commissioner W. H. Cooper, it was unan- <br />imously resolved to authorize the Chairman to execute said form. <br />Mr. Hal Siler appeared before the Board and reported that <br />Argo Advertising would print 500 copies of the Soil and Conservation Report <br />about streams and water resources in Lee County for $300. 00. Upon motion <br />of Commissioner William H. Cooper, seconded by Commissioner Perry <br />White, it was unanimously adopted. Upon a roll call vote it was Resolved <br />to purchase 500 copies of the report for $300. 00 from Argo Advertising and <br />the sum of $300, 00 was appropriated from the unappropriated surplus in the <br />General Fund for that purpose. <br />It was reported that Mr. Dale Faulk was not eligible to serve <br />on the Planning Board of the City of Sanford because his residence was not <br />within the one mile limit of the corporate limits and therefore Mr, Fred <br />Lawrence was appointed to the Sanford PlanningBoard for a term to expire <br />on June 30, 1974, upon motion of Commissioner Gordon A. Wicker, seconded <br />by Commissioner Perry White and unanimously adopted. <br />