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BOOK 8 F, CF, 7 <br />MINUTES OF ADJOURNED REGULAR MEETING <br />OF THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR THE <br />COUNTY OF LEE, NORTH CAROLINA <br />Monday, 20 September 1971 <br />The adjourned regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners <br />for the County of Lee, North Carolina, convened in the Commissioners <br />Room, on the second floor of the County Office Building, corner of Steele <br />and Wicker Streets, in the City of Sanford at 9:30 o'clock a. m., in accord- <br />ance with the motion of adjournment. Present were Commissioners William <br />H. Cooper, J. Eugene Rogers, Perry White, Gordon A. Wicker, and Chair- <br />man Franklin D. Wicker. <br />Chairman Franklin D. Wicker presided and the following business <br />was transacted: <br />Dr. J. V. Early, District Superintendent of the Sanford District, <br />North Carolina Conference, The United Methodist Church, pronounced the <br />invocation. <br />Mr. Leon Holder appeared before the Board and presented a road <br />petition to re-establish a secondary road which would give him access to his <br />farm. Commissioner Cooper moved the adoption of the following resolution <br />with respect to the Holder road: <br />WHEREAS, the attached petition has been <br />filed with the Board of County Commissioners of the <br />County of Lee, requesting that the above described <br />road, the location of which has been indicated in red <br />on the attached map, be added to the Secondary Road <br />System; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commiss- <br />ioners is of the opinion that the above described road <br />should be added to the Secondary Road System, if the <br />road meets minimum standards and criteria establish- <br />ed by the State Highway Commission for the addition of <br />roads to the System. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, ilu it resolved by the Board <br />of County Commissioners of the County of Lee that the State <br />Highway Commission is hereby requested to review the above <br />described road, and to take over the road for maintenance if <br />it meets established standards and criteria. <br />Commissioner Rogers seconded the motion and upon a vote it was <br />unanimously adopted. <br />The Chairman called to the Board's attention a letter received <br />from Mr. Landis Temple, stating the sign on the highway bridge over U. S. <br />No. 1 North of Sanford had spelled the name McNeill as "McNeil Road". Mr. <br />Temple stated the highway authorities wanted the request for the correction <br />to come from the Board. Commissioner White moved the State Highway <br />Commission be requested to correct the spelling of the name McNeill to con- <br />form to the spelling of the name by the family for which it was named. Comm- <br />issioner Cooper seconded the motion and upon a vote it was unanimously adopted. <br />