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Aft <br />,1 <br />BOOK ma 25 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS FOR THE COUNTY <br />OF LEE, NORTH CAROLINA <br />Monday, December 6, '1971 <br />The regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners for Lee <br />County, North Carolina, convened on Monday, December ,6,. 1971; in'the <br />Commissioners' Room of the.County Office Building at the corner of Steele <br />Street and Wicker Street in the City of'Sanford ' North,Carolina, at 9:30 <br />o'clock a. m.', in accordance with the resolution of adjournment. Those <br />present were: Commissioners William H.. Cooper, Perry White, Gordon A. <br />Wicker and Franklin D. Wicker. • Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers was absent <br />at the opening of the meeting. The Chairman declared a quorum present. <br />Chairman Franklin D. Wicker presided and the following business <br />was transacted: <br />Reverend William T. Perkins of the Jonesboro Presbyterian Church <br />gave the invocation. . <br />Chairman Wicker'asked if the Board desired to proceed with the. re- <br />organization but in view of the absence of Commissioner Rogers, the Board <br />deferred considering this matter at this time. <br />Mr. Walter E. Thomas, County Forester, appeared before the <br />Board and discussed the operations of his department. Forester Thomas <br />advised the Board that Mr. Eddie Allen Matthews would be hired as Assistant <br />County Ranger. <br />Commissioner J., Eugene Rogers joined the meeting during Forester <br />Thomas' presentation to the Board, and he participated in the further deliberations <br />of the Board. <br />The minutes of the meetings held in the month of November 1971, <br />were considered and approved, upon motion of Commissioner Gordon Wicker, <br />seconded by Commissioner William H. Cooper, and unanimously adopted. <br />The monthly bills as tabulated by the. County Accountant were pre- <br />sented to the Board and discussed. <br />While the bills and supporting invoices were being reviewed, <br />Commissioner Cooper reported on the efforts to obtain an ambulance and <br />the, Board authorized the Clerk to publish a notice of invitation for bids on the <br />purchase of an ambulance as soon as written confirmation was received from <br />the Governor's office with respect to the grant. This action was authorized <br />under motion made by Commissioner William H. Cooper, duly seconded by <br />Commissioner Rogers and unanimously adopted upon a vote. <br />After reviewing the bills, the monthly statements as presented, <br />were approved for payment upon motion of Commissioner Gordon Wicker, <br />seconded by Commissioner William H. Cooper,- which motion was adopted by <br />unanimous vote. <br />Commissioner William H. Cooper reported that the State Highway <br />Commission would pay the difference between the present bid price for drainage <br />pipe and an improved variety of pipe in the area where U. S. 421 has re-located <br />