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LEE COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA <br />BUDGET ORDINANCE <br />FISCAL YEAR 2015-2016 <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners of Lee County, North Carolina: <br />SECTION 1. There is hereby appropriated in the General Fund the following <br />amounts for the purpose of operating the County of Lee during the Fiscal Year <br />beginning July 1, 2015 and ending on June 30, 2016 in accordance with the chart of <br />accounts heretofore established for this county: <br />Commissioners <br />$ 165,578 <br />Administration <br />700,872 <br />Human Resources <br />276,007 <br />Finance <br />469,995 <br />Internal Services <br />594,148 <br />Strategic Services <br />403,394 <br />Tax -Appraisal <br />463,618 <br />Tax -Collections <br />617,253 <br />Tax -Listing <br />368,984 <br />Pretrial Release <br />72,318 <br />Court Facilities <br />13,952 <br />Elections <br />445,038 <br />Register of Deeds <br />276,608 <br />Information Technology <br />1,132,986 <br />Information Technology - PEG Channel <br />19,100 <br />Buildings and Grounds <br />2,822,581 <br />Sheriff <br />4,555,288 <br />Animal Control Enforcement <br />313,551 <br />School Resource Officers ' <br />1,151,641 <br />Sheriff -Communications . <br />316,769 <br />Jail <br />2,297,905 <br />911 Communications <br />219,880 <br />State Forestry <br />100,194 <br />Inspections <br />43,813 <br />Medical Examiner <br />32,000 <br />Juvenile Justice <br />1,653 <br />Juvenile Detention <br />100,000 <br />Juvenile Probation Rent <br />13,740 <br />Emergency Medical Services <br />551,250 <br />Emergency Services <br />253,010 <br />Fire Marshal <br />307,483 <br />Airport <br />97,442 <br />Planning & Zoning <br />399,779 <br />Economic Development <br />429,187 <br />Agriculture Extension <br />216,182 <br />Soil Conservation <br />112,251 <br />Health Department - Administration <br />662,937 <br />Health Department - Programs <br />Maternal Health <br />163,619 <br />Child Health <br />211,123 <br />