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AN ORDINANCE AMENDING <br />THE LEE COUNTY UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners for Lee County, North Carolina that the <br />Unified Development Ordinance be, and it hereby is, amended as follows: <br />Section 1. That Article 4 Zoning District Regulations, Section 4.3.1 Purpose Statements in the R-20, <br />R-14, R-12SF, R-12 and R-10 zoning districts be amended by deleting all references to Cluster <br />Subdivisions and that all other references to Cluster Subdivisions be deleted from the Unified <br />Development Ordinance. <br />Section 2. That Article 10, Section 10.2. Shopping Centers and Superstores, Subsection 10.2.8 <br />Signage be rewritten as follows: <br />10.2.8 SIGNAGE. <br /> All proposed signage shall conform to the dimensional requirements as set forth in <br />Article 11 of this Ordinance. <br /> In addition to the standards as set forth in Article 11 for signage, Shopping <br />Centers/Superstores in excess of 25,000 square feet shall be required to submit a Common Signage <br />Plan to be reviewed and approved by the Administrator. The common signage plan shall consist of <br />the following elements: <br />Location and size of all proposed signs. All ground mounted sign locations shall be <br />identified on a site plan and all wall mounted signs shown on a set of building elevation <br />drawings. <br />Materials. Description of the type of sign including construction materials, mounting style, <br />and method of lighting. Use of the similar materials and mounting style throughout the <br />development is encouraged to maintain a uniform and attractive appearance. <br />Section 3. That Article 5, Section 5.37 Free -Standing Ice Vending Units, Subsection 5.37.1 <br />( Applicability be rewritten as follows: <br />5.37.1 APPLICABILITY. <br /> This section applies to any person, corporation or other organization desiring to operate a <br />free-standing ice vending unit within the zoning jurisdiction of the County. Free-standing ice <br />vending units or "ice houses" shall be defined as self-contained ice vending units that are typically <br />placed in commercial zones for the purpose of dispensing on -demand bags of ice. Freestanding Ice <br />Vending Machines up to 7'W X10'D in size are not required to meet the regulations of this Section <br />and shall be permitted as an accessory use to all non-residential uses in the NC, C-1, C-2, HC, LI <br />and HI zoning districts subject to the supplemental development regulations as set forth in Section <br />5.1 Accessory Uses and Structures. <br />