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2022-14 RESOLUTION Calling for a Public Hearing in Connection with the Financing of the Purchase of Real Property 5-16-22[Icon] 3 Admin-Clerk
2022-15 RESOLUTION Adopting the CIP for 2022-2027[Icon] 1 Admin-Clerk
2022-16 RESOLUTION - Honoring Veterans Services Employee John Sandrock 6-20-22[Icon] 1 Admin-Clerk
2022-17 RESOLUTION Authorizing the Lease of a Portion of 115 Chatham Street - Buggy Building 6-20-22[Icon] 2 Admin-Clerk
2022-18 RESOLUTION - Authorizing the Lease of Buggy Building for SAGA 6-20-22[Icon] 2 Admin-Clerk
2022-2 RESOLUTION - Authorizing the Sale of Property located at 1004 South Third Street 1-24-22[Icon] 3 Admin-Clerk
2022-3 RESOLUTION - Awarding the Service Side Arm of Captain Jeff Johnson of the Lee County Sheriff's Department Upon His Retirement 2-7-22[Icon] 1 Admin-Clerk
2022-4 RESOLUTION to Add Cricket Hearth Road to teh NC State's Secondary Road System 2-7-22[Icon] 1 Admin-Clerk
2022-5 RESOLUTION to Add Mill Run Lane and Ore Run Lane to the NC State's Secondary Road System 3-7-22[Icon] 1 Admin-Clerk
2022-6 RESOLUTION to Add Copper Ridge Drive, Panners Place, Miners Loop and Prospectors Lane to teh NC State's Secondary Road System 3-7-22[Icon] 1 Admin-Clerk
2022-7 RESOLUTION Approving County Policies to Aid in Administering Federal Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds from ARPA 3-7-22[Icon] 2 Admin-Clerk
2022-8 RESOLUTION - Authorizing the Disposal of Vehicles as Surplus Property through Online Public Auction 4-4-22[Icon] 2
2022-9 RESOLUTION Amended - for Establishment of Policy and Procedures for Appointments to Boards, Commissions, Committees, or Authorities 4-4-22[Icon] 3
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