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member or may replace the member as in case of a vacancy. Absence due to sickness or other <br /> emergencies of like nature shall be regarded as excused absences and shall not affect a member's <br /> status on the Advisory Board; however, in the event of an illness that causes prolonged absence, <br /> the member may be replaced. <br /> SECTION 6: OFFICERS & DUTIES <br /> A. Chair <br /> • The Fire Advisory Board will elect a Chair annually from among the voting <br /> membership. <br /> • The position of Chair shall be a voting position. The role of the Chair shall be to <br /> guide the Fire Advisory Board as it carries out its various roles. The Chair will <br /> keep the Fire Advisory Board members focused and offer advice as needed. <br /> • The Chair will serve as the presiding officer of all Fire Advisory Board meetings. <br /> • As presiding officer, the Chair shall have the following powers: <br /> - To rule motions in or out of order, including any motion offered to be <br /> obstructive or other purposes. <br /> - To determine whether a speaker has gone beyond reasonable standards of <br /> courtesy in his/her remarks. <br /> - To call a brief recess at any time. <br /> • A decision by the presiding officer under any of the powers listed may be <br /> appealed to the Fire Advisory Board upon motion of any member. Such a motion <br /> is in order immediately after a decision under those powers is announced and at <br /> no other time. The motion, if made timely, may not be ruled out of order. <br /> B. Vice-Chair <br /> • The Fire Advisory Board will select a Vice-Chair annually from among the voting <br /> members. <br /> • The position of Vice-Chair shall be a voting member. <br /> • The role of the Vice-Chair shall be to serve as the presiding officer of the Fire <br /> Advisory Board in the absence of the Chair. <br /> • While serving as the presiding officer, the Vice-Chair shall have the same powers <br /> as the Chair. <br /> C. Secretary <br /> • A member of the Lee County Office of Emergency Services shall serve as a non- <br /> voting member of the Lee County Fire Advisory Board and as Secretary. <br /> There is no limit on how many times an Advisory Board member might be elected as an officer. <br /> In the event an officer's appointment to the Advisory Board is terminated, a successor shall be <br /> elected by the Advisory Board at the meeting following the termination of the officer's service <br /> for the remainder of the officer's term. <br />