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SECTION 3: ROLE OF THE FIRE ADVISORY BOARD <br /> The Role of the Fire Advisory Board as approved by the Board of Commissioners is: <br /> • Reviewing and making recommendations on fire department district operation <br /> budget requests; <br /> • Reviewing and making recommendations on Capital Improvement Plan budget <br /> requests; <br /> • Shall serve as the official fire service representative to the Lee County Board of <br /> Commissioners; <br /> • Developing and implementing firefighter and volunteer incentive, retention and <br /> recruitment programs; <br /> • Making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for continuing <br /> improvement of the fire protection system; <br /> • Develop a method of communication to the Board of Commissioners; and <br /> • Enforcement of all fire district operational regulations and guidelines for the Lee <br /> County Fire protection service districts. <br /> SECTION 4: LENGTH OF APPOINTMENTS; COUNTY COMMISSIONER <br /> REPRESENTATIVE <br /> Appointments to the Fire Advisory Board shall be as follows: <br /> • Members appointed to the Lee County Fire Advisory Board from the general <br /> public and business/industry sector shall serve a four-year term with staggered <br /> terms. Initially one member from each category shall serve for four (4) years and <br /> one for(2) years. <br /> • Members representing the Lee County Fire Chiefs Association and Lee County <br /> Firefighters Association shall serve staggered four-year terms. Initially one <br /> member shall serve for four (4) years and one for two (2) years. <br /> • The County Commission representative shall be appointed by the Chairperson of <br /> the Board of Commissioners each December and shall serve at the pleasure of the <br /> Chair. <br /> • Thereafter, all appointments, except for the Commissioner member, shall be for a <br /> term of four years. <br /> • Members of the Advisory Board shall be eligible for reappointment, but not to <br /> exceed two consecutive terms. With the exception of any member directed by the <br /> County Board of Commissioners to continue service in excess of two terms. <br /> • The Commissioner appointee shall be a voting member of the Fire Advisory <br /> Board. <br /> SECTION 5: ATTENDANCE OF MEMBERS <br /> In the event an appointed member of the Fire Advisory Board misses three consecutive <br /> scheduled meetings, the Chair of the Fire Advisory Board will notify the Chair of the Lee <br /> County Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners may take action to reappoint that <br />