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11.1.1 This sign ordinance is adopted under <br />the zoning authority of the County of Lee in <br />furtherance of the more general purposes set <br />forth in this Ordinance. The purposes of these <br />sign regulations are: <br />(a) to encourage the effective use of signs as a <br />means of communication in the County of Lee <br />while preserving the rights of free speech under <br />the First Amendment to the United States <br />Constitution; <br />(b) to maintain and enhance the aesthetic <br />environment and the County of Lee's ability to <br />attract sources of economic development and <br />growth; to improve pedestrian and traffic safety; <br />(c) to minimize the possible adverse effect of <br />signs on nearby public and private property; and <br />(d) to enable the fair and consistent <br />enforcement of these sign restrictions. <br />A sign may be constructed, erected, placed, <br />established, painted, created, or maintained in the <br />County of Lee only in conformance with the <br />standards, procedures, exemptions, and other <br />requirements of this Ordinance. The effect of this <br />Ordinance as more specifically set forth herein <br />is: <br />11.2.1 To establish a permit system to allow a <br />variety of types of signs in commercial and <br />industrial zones, and a limited variety of signs in <br />other zones, subject to the standards and the <br />permit procedures of this Ordinance; <br />11.2.2 To allow certain signs that are small, <br />unobtrusive, and incidental to the principal use <br />of the respective lots on which they are located, <br />subject to the substantive requirements of this <br />Ordinance, but without a requirement for <br />permits; <br />11.2.3 To prohibit all signs not expressly <br />permitted by this Ordinance; and <br />11.2.4 To provide for the enforcement of the <br />provisions of this Ordinance. <br />11.2.5 The physical alteration of a sign face <br />or supporting structure shall be considered the <br />same as construction of a new sign, which shall <br />require a permit and conformity to all the <br />dimensional requirements of this Ordinance. <br />However, repainting of a sign or replacement of <br />a sign face shall be considered maintenance or <br />repair and shall not require a permit. <br />11.2.6 Notwithstanding any provision in this <br />Article to the contrary, non-commercial copy <br />may be placed on any otherwise permissible sign <br />in place of commercial copy. <br />11.2.7 Existing signs that are required to be <br />moved as a result of a public infrastructure <br />improvement project (e.g., a road widening <br />project) may be relocated and shall not be <br />deemed because of that relocation to violate the <br />requirements of this article, provided there is not <br />any expansion, addition or structural change or <br />new sign plan and/or design for that sign. If a <br />pylon sign is to be relocated, the sign shall be <br />relocated to meet the appropriate setback as set <br />forth in this Article 11. <br />11.3.1 APPLICABILITY. <br />Except for those signs explicitly permitted by <br />this Article without a permit, no sign shall be <br />erected or established unless and until a Sign <br />Permit has been issued by the Department of <br />Community Development. <br />11.3.2 INITIATION. <br />The Applicant shall file a complete application <br />for a Sign Permit with the Department of <br />Community Development. The application shall <br />include the information required for issuance of a <br />building permit as prescribed by the Building <br />Code. A master Sign Permit application may be <br />requested for all signs to be included as part of a <br />Planned Unit Development, a shopping center, a <br />Commercial Retrofit, or a Traditional <br />Neighborhood Development. <br />11.3.3 SIGNAGE PLAN REQUIRED. <br />For any lot on which the owner proposes to erect <br />one or more signs requiring a permit the owner <br />shall submit to the Department of Community <br />