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~ 15 mf 46 012 <br />900f( <br />Commissioner Stafford moved to adjourn the meeting of the Lee <br />County Water and Sewer District No. 1. Commissioner Moretz seconded <br />the motion and upon a vote, the results were as follows: <br />Aye: Cox, Dossenbach, Garner, Moretz, Reives, Stafford and <br />Wicker <br />Nay: None <br />The Chairman ruled the motion had been adopted unanimously and <br />the meeting adjourned. <br />F. Hubert arner, Chairman <br />NORTH CAROLINA, LEE C0p1K~ <br />Noyr ed .repi_SYrationGon <br />8__( at <br />ra n 1 , <br />reCnrrlrv! in Co <br />Nellie W Thomas, Register of Oee4t <br />2 <br />