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• s <br /> AND',WHEREAS, the sense,of the Board of Commissioners <br /> that the location.of.a major prison camp in this County would materially • <br /> • retard the industrial development of the County; <br /> AND WHEREAS,. a mass meeting of the citizens of Lee County <br /> have gone on record as being unanimously opposed to the location of • <br /> another major prison camp in said County; - <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of . . <br /> Commissioners of Lee County that said Board and the citizens of said <br /> County are unanimously opposed to the location of another prison camp <br /> in Lee County, and said Board will lend, its efforts and prestige .to fight , <br /> • any effort by the Prison locate another prison camp in <br /> said County. • <br /> BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be <br /> forwarded to the Director of Prisons .of the State-of North Carolina, to the <br /> Director of the Department of Administration, to the North Carolina Prison <br /> Commission and that copies of the same be furnished to'the press,' radio and . <br /> other news media;." - <br /> • - The motion for the adoption of the aforesaid resolution was <br /> seconded by Commissioner Measamer and the same was adopted by the <br /> unanimous vote of the Board. <br /> There being no further business to come before the Board the <br /> meeting was adjourned. <br /> . Chairman <br /> • <br /> Attest: ' • <br /> ' Clerk • . <br />