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• <br /> • <br /> XU•1H1 )9° <br /> MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING <br /> in) <br /> n OF <br /> BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br /> August 1, 1960 . <br /> • The Board of Commissioners of Lee County met in regular monthly <br /> session in the Commissioner' Room in the Courthouse, on Monday, August 1, <br /> 1960, at 10:00 A. M. , with the following members of the Board present for <br /> the dispatch of business: ' • <br /> Commissioners Clyde J. Atkins, Sion H. Kelly, Percy Measamer and <br /> Evander Winstead: <br /> • <br /> Chairman Sion H. Kelly presided and the following business was trans- <br /> 'acted: <br /> • <br /> The minutes of the regular meeting of July 5, 1960, and the minims <br /> of the special meeting of July•27, 1960, were read and approved. <br /> W. D. Gregson, Veterans' Service Officer presented report.of Lee <br /> County Veterans' Service Office. <br /> D. F. Holder; Sheriff, presented his monthly report. <br /> Miss Mary Estelle Doyle, County Home Economics Agent, presented <br /> her monthly report. <br /> Norman Brickhouse, Assistant County Farm Agent, presented the <br /> report for the County Agent's Office. <br /> E. P. Clark, Custodian of the courthouse, reported upon the condition <br /> of all buildings owned by the County. <br /> Mrs. Louise Dowdy-presented, the report of the County Health <br /> Department and the County Sanitary Department; • <br /> On motion of Commissioner Measamer, which motion was seconded <br /> by Commissioner Winstead; the tax collector was. authorized and directed <br /> to advertise and sell all fax certificated foi. delinquent taxes. <br /> R. Barry Beard, General Manager of W. Koury Company, Elliott H. <br /> Clark of Saco-Lowell Shops,,,Inc. ; Leslie. A. Johnson, General Manager <br /> of Cornell Dubilier Electric Corporation, J; B. Cameron, Chairman of <br /> County Board of Education, Stacy Budd; member of Lee County Board of <br /> Education and Sheppard Rice, Diversified Occupation Teacher in the Sanford <br /> Central High School, each appeared before the Board in behalf of the proposed <br /> Industrial Education School. They urged the Board to take formal action <br /> to issue bonds for the construction of an Industrial Education Center. <br /> The County Attorney was authorized and directed to prepare bond order ; <br /> for the issuance of jail the amount of $150, 000, Industrial Educational <br /> Center bonds in'the amount of $275, 000 and School Bonds in the amount of <br /> $913; 000 and the attorney was instructed to have said bond orders prepared <br /> for a special meeting of the Board to be held on August 22, 1960. <br /> L. L. Beckham, Director of Civil Defense, presented his monthly <br /> report. <br /> Mrs. Laura D. Rosser, Supt. of Public Welfare, presented her <br /> monthly report. <br />