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BOOK 7 PACE <br />WHEREAS, the attached petition has been filed <br />with the Board of County Commissioners of the County of <br />Lee requesting that the above described road, the location <br />of which has been indicated in red on the attached map, be <br />added to the Secondary Road System; and <br />WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners <br />is of the opinion that the above described road should be <br />added to the Secondary Road System, if the road meets <br />minimum standards and criteria established by the State <br />Highway Commission for the addition of roads to the System. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of <br />County Commissioners of the County of Lee, that the State <br />Highway Commission is hereby requested to review the <br />above described road, and to take over the road for main- <br />tenance if it meets established standards and criteria. <br />Commissioner White seconded the motion and upon a vote it was <br />unanimously adopted. <br />The Clerk was instructed to invite Mr. John F. McNair, III, <br />Highway Commission, to meet with the Board on June 3, 1968. <br />The Chairman advised the Board the Directors of Sandhills <br />Community Action Program, Inc., had voted to expand its membership to 49 persons <br />and this would increase Lee County representation to 12 persons. The Board has been <br />requested to name three (3) of these directors. Upon motion of Commissioner White, <br />seconded by Commissioner Yow, and unanimously adopted, it was resolved to appoint <br />Commissioner Franklin D. Wicker, Mr. George Tate, and Reverend James R. Hampton <br />as directors of the Sandhills Community Action Program, Inc. <br />The Chairman advised the Board a petition had been received <br />requesting a public hearing on the use of Lee Elementary School building. <br />There being no further business to come before the session, it <br />was adjourned sine die. <br />John E. Dotterer, M. D. , Chairman <br />Kenneth R. Hoyle,,C erk <br />