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BOOS( 7 rr,TE 495 0 <br />The monthly bills as tabulated by the County Accountant were <br />presented and reviewed and upon motion of Commissioner Cooper, seconded <br />by Commissioner White, the bills were approved for payment by unanimous <br />vote. <br />Chairman Franklin D. Wicker called the Board's attention to a letter <br />received from the Central Zoological Park Committee, requesting a statement <br />from the Board in its official capacity, endorsing their preference for a Zoo- <br />logical Park site. Upon motion made, seconded and duly adopted, the Board <br />endorsed the location of the Zoological Park in eastern Chatham County. <br />The statement of Carolina Appraisals for work done to date was pre- <br />sented to the Board and approved for payment. <br />Commissioner William H. Cooper moved the adoption of the following <br />resolution: <br />WHEREAS the Lee County Board of Commissioners <br />at its regular meeting on December 7, 1970, duly passed a <br />resolution providing for a hearing on January 4, 1971, at 10 <br />o'clock a. m., pursuant to the provisions of General Statutes <br />153-9 (17) to make inquiry into the question of whether the <br />closing of an unnamed roadway leading northwardly from South <br />Holiday Lake Road and abutting Lots Nos. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and <br />24, as shown by map recorded in Map Book 8, page 1?l, Lee <br />County Registry, would be contrary to the public interest or de- <br />prive any individual owning property in the vicinity of said road- <br />way of a reasonable means of ingress and egress. <br />AND WHEREAS said resolution directed that notice <br />of said hearing be published as required by.General Statutes <br />153-9 (17); and whereas said notice was duly published on Dec- <br />ember 10, 17, 24, and 31, 1970, setting forth the time, place, <br />and purpose of the hearing as appears from the affidavit of the <br />publisher filed with the Board; and whereas, it further appears <br />that all persons owing property adjoining the said unnamed road- <br />way joined in the execution of the petition heretofore filed with the <br />Board and it was, therefore, unnecessary to give notice to any owner by <br />registered mail;, <br />AND WHEREAS the matter came on for hearing as <br />scheduled at the regular meeting of the Board on January 4, <br />1971, at which time no one appeared and offered any objection nor <br />opposed the closing of said roadway which abutts Lots Nos. 19, <br />20, 21, 22, 23, and 24, as shown on map of Holiday Lake, record- <br />ed in Map Book 8, page 11, Lee County Registry; and whereas the <br />Board after considering the matter, established to its satisfaction and <br />found as a fact: <br />(a) that W. R. Makepeace, Jr. , owns all of Lots Nos. <br />22, 23, and 24, as shown by the map recorded in Map Book 8, page <br />11, Lee County Registry. <br />(b) that Dempsey M. Jones owns all of Lots Nos. 19, 20 <br />and 21 as shown on map recorded in Map Book 8, page 11, Lee <br />County Registry. <br />(c) that the three lots owned by W. R. Makepeace, Jr. are <br />restricted for the construction of one residence only thereon and <br />that the three lots owned by Dempsey M. Jones are restricted for <br />the construction of one residence only thereon. <br />(d) that said Lot No. 19 and said Lot No. 24 each <br />front on South Holiday Lake Road which is a way of ingress and <br />egressto each of said property. <br />