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BOOK 7 PnE 537 <br />$55, 610. 10 from $44, 338.70. Upon motion of Commissioner Gordon A. <br />Wicker, duly seconded by Commissioner White, it was unanimously adopted. <br />Mr. J. Chandler Eakes, Register of Deeds, appeared before <br />the Board and presented the budget request for his office. <br />Dr. O. David Garwin, Director of the Health Department, <br />appeared before the Board and presented the budget request for the County's <br />share of the District Health Department. <br />Reverend William Perkins appeared before the Board and <br />presented the budget'request for both the Ambulance Service and the Lee County- <br />Sanford Rescue Squad. <br />Mr. Ralph McCoig, Director of Mental Health and Mr. T. C. <br />Griffin and Mr. Tommy Mann of the Mental Health Board appeared before <br />the Board and presented the budget request for the County's share for the <br />District Mental Health Department. <br />Mr.. Sonny Baker, Director of Sanford Recreation Department, <br />appeared before the Board and presented the budget request for participation <br />of the county residents in the city recreation activities. <br />The written report of Nathan Crissman, Tax Collector, was <br />presented to the Board and copies distributed to each member. <br />Monthly bills as tabulated by the County Accountant, and <br />supported by Purchase Orders were presented to the Board and reviewed, <br />and upon motion of Commissioner Cooper, seconded by Commissioner Gordon <br />A. Wicker, were approved for payment by the unanimous vote of the Board. <br />The Chairman announced there would be a meeting at the <br />Sanford City Hall at 4 o'clock P. M. on Wednesday, May 5, 1971, to set up <br />a steering committee for the bond election. <br />The Chairman reminded the members of the Board that those <br />desiring reservation at the County Commissioners 'Convention in Asheville <br />should turn in their requests to the County Accountant as soon as the meeting <br />artjourned. <br />. The Chairman designated Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers <br />to devise a notice to be sent to all taxpayers showing the distribution of <br />tax money to the various activities and agencies supported by the county. <br />The Chairman announced that the Directors of the Administrative <br />Office of the Courts had arranged for a grant to assist in the acquisition of <br />law books for the major criminal courtroom in each county.. Commissioner J. <br />Eugene Rogers moved that the sum of $235.12, be appropriated from the Emergency <br />and Contingency fund for the purpose of furnishing the matching funds to enable <br />Lee County to participate in the acquisition.of law books for its major criminal <br />courtroom. Commissioner P. White seconded the motion, and it was unanimously <br />adopted upon a roll call vote. Messrs. Cooper, Rogers, White, G.. Wicker and <br />F. Wicker all voted for and no one voted against it.. <br />The Chairman read a request from Mr. Tom Haislip, Chairman <br />of the Agriculture Extension Committee requesting anTpropriation of $267.97 <br />to enable the Extension Department to utilize Pace Program trainees in their <br />department. Commissioner Perry'White moved that the sum of $267.97 be <br />appropriated from the Emergency and Contingency fund to the Agricultural <br />Extension Agency for the purpose of hiring Pace Program trainees. The motion <br />