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0 0 <br />Boos 7 w552 <br />The monthly bills as tabulated by the County Accountant were <br />considered and examined and upon motion of Commissioner Gordon A. Wicker, <br />duly seconded by Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers, it was unanimously Resolved <br />to pay said statements. <br />After discussion about purchasing practices by County agencies, <br />the Chairman appointed Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers to serve as Liaison <br />between the Department Heads and the Commissioners regarding the purchase <br />of office equipment and furniture. <br />The Chairman appointed Commissioner Gordon A. Wicker to <br />serve in the same capacity in the purchasing' of tires,.automotive equipment, <br />accessories and repairs. <br />The written report of the Tax Collector; County Agricultural <br />Extension Director, and the Sheriff, were received and distributed, to members <br />of the Commission. 4. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner Cooper and seconded by Commissioner <br />White and unanimously adopted, it was RESOLVED to appoint Commissioner <br />Gordon A. Wicker to the County Board of Social Services for a term of three <br />years, effective June 30, 1971. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner Gordon A. Wicker, seconded by <br />Commissioner Cooper, it was unanimously RESOLVED to appoint Rodney Harrill <br />to the Board of Adjustment for the City of,Sanford for a three year term, effective <br />June 30, 1971. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers, seconded by <br />Commissioner Cooper, it was unanimously resolved to appoint Mrs. Beatrice <br />Fields and Franklin D. Wicker to the Lee County Personnel Board for three <br />years terms, effective June 30, 1971. <br />Upon motion of Commissioner Cooper, seconded by Commissioner <br />White, it was unanimously resolved to appoint Mr. Clyde Rhyne as a Trustee to <br />the Central Carolina Technical Institute for a term of eight years, effective June <br />30, 1971. Mr. William B. Joyce, whose term had expired, as a Trustee, had <br />specifically asked the Commissioners not to be considered for re-appointment. <br />Commissioner Gordon A. Wicker stated he wanted the minutes to reflect that he <br />questioned the advisability of an eight year term for any appointive office. <br />The statement of the Carolina Appraisal Company for payment of <br />$5,851.98, for services rendered under the revaluation contract, was presented <br />to the Board for consideration. Upon motion of Commissioner William H. Cooper, <br />duly seconded by Commissioner Wicker, it was unanimously resolved to pay said <br />statement. <br />Commissioner Perry White moved that the resignation of Mr. L. L. <br />Beckham, as Director of Civil Defense, be accepted effective as of June 30, 1971, <br />with regret. Commissioner Rogers seconded the motion andit was unanimously adop• <br />ted. The Board moved that a letter of appreciation be sent to Mr. Beckham <br />commending him for his services to the County. The Chairman appointed <br />Commissioner J. Eugene Rogers to work with the officials of the City of Sanford <br />in securing a new director of Civil Defense. <br />Mr.. Joe Goggins appeared before the Board and announced that he <br />had resigned his position with the Forest Service effective June 15, 1971. Mr. <br />Goggins thanked the Board for their support and efforts on his behalf. Commissioner <br />