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dfl~ rJ P~faF ~W <br />101 <br />, <br />Commissioner William H.-.Cooper, seconded the motion and the <br />motion was unanimously.~adopted. <br />There was a discussion about the Sanitary Land Fill operations and <br />Chairman Wicker designated "Commissioner Gordon A. Wicker andComirkssioner <br />Franklin D. Wicker to be responsible for securing a Land Fill site; Commissioner, <br />William H. Cooper to be responsible for determining the type of truck to be <br />acquired; and Commissioner Perry White and Commissioner J.. Eugene Rogers <br />to determine the type of front end loader to be used at the Land Fill site. <br />Mr. Jack Campbell, Jr, and Mr. Joe Edwards, State Probation <br />Officers, appeared before the Board and requested that their present office <br />space be re-worked to provide more privacy and better surroundings for the <br />conducting of their work. There was a general discussion about the available <br />space and type of accessories needed, and Chairman Wicker advised the Probation <br />Officials that the Board would work out some solution to the problem by January <br />1, 1972. <br />. Mr. Hugh Brewer, Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, <br />exhibited various types of picture frames which could be used for the collection <br />of pictures of former County Commissioners, and the Board selected the style <br />frame they thought desirable. <br />Mr. James L. Clark, Tax Supervisor, appeared before the Board <br />and requested the Board to set its tax assessment ratio, at its December meeting. <br />Mr. Clark also submitted a list of his proposed list takers for the Board's <br />consideration. <br />Chairman Franklin D. Wicker told the members of the Board that <br />he would like to appoint the members of the County Recreation Commission at <br />the first meeting in January, if at all possible. <br />There being no further business to come before the Board, the <br />meeting adjourned, sine die. <br />CHAIRMAN FRANKLIN D. <br />.....,.~-..iru...ii i:i <br />KENNETH R. IHOY-LE` CLERK <br />NORTH CAROLINA, LEE COUNTY <br />Pras~GenV~~t,ed for registration on the 6 day <br />of„ N~C.C/m~p~'91L at ra.YM <br />recorded in Book page <br />J. Chandler Eakes. Register of Deeds <br />