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to approve the levy of a special recreation tax not to <br />exceed 10~ , and the Board of Commissioners have <br />considered said returns and have duly canvassed,the' <br />returns and have ascertained the result of said <br />election; and <br />WHEREAS, it appears from said returns that <br />the polls on said election were opened on November 6,. 1971, <br />in each precinct, at the polling place prescribed therefor at the <br />hour of 6:30 o'clock a. in. and were kept continuously open until <br />7:30 o'clock p. m., and that the voters voting at said election <br />were required to use ballots and ballot labels in the form pres- <br />cribed for said election by the resolution adopted by the Board <br />of Commissioners; and <br />WHEREAS, said returns show that said election was <br />held in the following election precincts in said County,, and that <br />the total number of voters who were registered and qualified <br />to vote in said election in each of said, election precincts and the <br />total number of votes cast *for the resolutions were as follows: <br />Votes cast in Votes cast against <br />favor of the the Special'. <br />Number of,Regis.- Special,Rec,reation Recreation, , <br />Election Precinct tered Voters Tax Tax <br />West Sanford <br />5,240 <br />795 <br />232 <br />East Sanford <br />1, 935 <br />155 <br />96 <br />Jonesboro <br />2,736 <br />212 <br />161 <br />Broadway <br />816 <br />38 <br />163 <br />Greenwood No. 1 <br />618 <br />42 <br />58 <br />Greenwood No. 2 <br />232 <br />20 <br />42 <br />East Pocket <br />716 <br />26 <br />105 <br />West Pocket ' <br />220 <br />18 <br />30 <br />Cumnock <br />81 <br />4 , <br />22 <br />Deep River <br />605. <br />20 <br />150. <br />Gum Springs <br />87 <br />1 <br />19 <br />Total 13,.Z86 1, 331 1- 07.,8;. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Commissioner; <br />of the County of Lee as follows: <br />1. It is hereby determined and declared that the number of voters <br />registered and qualified to vote at said electionrwas 13, 286. <br />2. The number of votes cast at said election for the.levy of a special <br />recreation tax of not more than ten cents (10~) fo'r providing, conducting, and <br />maintaining a supervised recreation system,. was 1,.331., and the number of votes <br />cast at said election against the levy of a special recreation tax of not more than <br />ten cents (10~) for providing, conducting, ,and,'maintaining a supervised recreation <br />system, was 1, 078, and a majority of the qualified voters of said County who <br />voted at said election voted to approve said levy of a special recreation tax of <br />not more than ten cents (10fi) for providing, conducting, and maintaining a super- <br />vised recreation system. <br />3. The proposition having received a majority vote of the qualified <br />registered electors, the Board of Commissioners shall, by appropriate ordinance <br />or resolution, put into effect such proposition as soon as practicable. <br />