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n <br />BK:00026 PG:0252 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMENDING <br />THE LEE COUNTY UNIIIUD DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE <br />BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners for Lee County, North Carolina that the Unified <br />Development Ordinance be, and it hereby is, amended as follows: <br />Section 1. That Article Five, Supplemental Development Regulations, Subsection be <br />rewritten as follows: <br />5.33.12 MINOR AND SUBSTANTIAL MODIFICATIONS. <br />A request for modification of an existing wireless tower or base station that involves <br />collocation of new transmission equipment or replacement of transmission equipment <br />shall be considered a minor modification so long as it does not include a substantial <br />modification as defined §533.1.2.1 below. <br /> A "Substantial Modification" shall be defined as the mounting of <br />a proposed wireless facility on a wireless support structure that substantially changes the <br />physical dimensions of the support structure. A mounting is presumed to be a substantial <br />modification if it meets any one or more of the criteria listed below. <br />(a) Increasing the existing vertical height of the structure by the greater of (i) <br />more than ten percent (10%) or (ii) the height of one additional antenna array <br />with separation from the nearest existing antenna not to exceed 20 feet. <br />(b) Except where necessary to shelter the antenna from inclement weather or <br />to connect the antenna to the tower via cable, adding an appurtenance to the <br />body of a wireless support structure that protrudes horizontally from the edge of <br />the wireless support structure the greater of (i) more than 20 feet or (ii) More than <br />the width of the wireless support structure at the level of the appurtenance. <br />(c) Increasing the square footage of the existing equipment compound by <br />more than 2,500 square feet <br /> Minor modifications shall be reviewed and approved administratively <br />subject to the submittal and review procedures as set forth in this Ordinance. <br />Applications for new towers or those deemed as substantial modifications shall require <br />approval via a Special Use Permit as set forth in this Ordinance. <br />Section 2. That Article Five, Supplemental Development Regulations, Subsection 5.332.1 <br />"GENERALLY" be rewritten as follows: <br /> GENERALLY <br />(a) Towers shall not interfere with normal radio and television reception in the <br />vicinity. No tower shall display any sign, banner or any message. Violations shall be <br />considered zoning violations and shall be corrected under the enforcement provisions of § <br />1.6 of this ordinance. <br />